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Few Wall Art Ideas For Your Sweet Home

Wall art is, without any doubt, what completes a room. This is not strange, because however boring a wall it is, with the correct picture it can look elegant, stylish, and above all finished in terms of decorative principles.

But this is the main question, what piece is the correct for a certain area? It depends on many factors; tastes, trends, décor…

Even so, it is good to have a point to start. So here you are a little guide to know what wall art ideas are trendy nowadays, and why they would be a good option.

Animals and their changing role

In the past, animals were frequent in paintings, but in scenes like hunt and so on. Nowadays things have changed a lot, and sensibilities take another path. Respect for animals domains our vision of the world and art reflect this, for sure.

It is not unusual to see animals in other kinds of situations; in a sweet way, in quotidian spaces. But animal art has another side as funny as bizarre. There are wall art prints of monkeys, birds or giraffes that adopt a human attitude, are dressed and pose as if they were important people.

Use this type of wall art at home if it suits with your decoration but, apart from that, is a good idea to have if it means something important for you. If you are an animal lover, this is the most elegant way to show your convictions.

Few Wall Art Ideas For Your Sweet Home

Reinterpretation of art from the past

Reinterpretation of art from the past is a growing trend which makes us reflect on the contrast between present and past perception of living. Because together with the mixture of fashion or techniques, it makes us meditate on the pace of life or social thoughts.

This canvas wall art normally consists of a famous painting, or perhaps a picture of a well-recognized sculpture, which is added a modern element, like chewing gums or comic speech bubbles with famous quotes on them. Very original and eye-catching.

Choose this option if you want a decoration as classic as fresh with the plus of an interesting contrast. Your guest will be pleasantly puzzled when watching it, and why not it can be the starting point of very good conversations.

People and time travel

Just as time travel, among the trendiest pieces of wall art we can find characters like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Frida Khalo. This is not surprising, but the fact they are sometimes dressed as if they were a very modern nowadays woman.

And of course, we also have the opposite situation; an acknowledged and current person who is in a canvas dressed with clothes from the past. These are pop singers, actors, people in vogue in general… In both cases the result is ingenious and precious.

This would be, above all, one of the most elegant bedroom wall art ideas. What about your teenager son or daughter having one of these pieces of art instead of the typical poster? Of course, it would be a fashionable change.

Not so solemn

Yes, a mix between past and present one more time. As is often said with reason, retro is modern. In this case, the picture is not famous, but it seems similar in terms of clothes, hairdo, poses…

But here we are the most important thing; it adds another element which grabs all our attention; a paint brush, an insect or an eye-catching element which is impossible to be there according to the time of the painting. And this element is very coloured and in the forefront, perhaps covering the eyes of the model.

To determine if this kind of wall art is for any place at home, we have to pay attention to this strange element which leads the piece. If its colour and style suits your decoration, then you can go ahead.

Collage of ideas

As if it was a proper collage, this wall art trend consists in mixing different elements in just one canvas. But its purpose, instead of picturing a new imagen adding other different components, is to create an unexpected result, may be similar to abstract art in its concept, but so much more overwhelming and provocative.

In most cases, this result does not have a recognizable sense, or this is what it seems at the first view. Here is the challenge; your mind has an important part to play. And of course it does. You cannot avoid watching these images until finding a familiar shape.

Since this wall art is normally very coloured and engaging, this would be the perfect focal point of a room. So, use it if your decoration is soft and you need something to brighten the place.

Form and content

This is one of the most original types of wall art which aims to create a little (and amiable) confusion among its viewers. It is based on a well-known shape, or it would be better to say just a silhouette, because its content does not match with the original.

And this content can be as imaginative and uneven as possible. From another completely different picture with its own sense to collages made of flowers, fruits and so on, the result leaves no observer unmoved.

This kind of wall art is made for your home if you want to bring some fresh air to any of your rooms with a relatively puzzling effect. If the interior pattern suits the rest of the place, then will be a good option.


There are many kinds of wall art, and all of them have something different and original to add to your place. Choose the best one bearing in mind your décor features, but also your ideas, preferences and the mood you want to provoke with it.

However, whatever your choice may be, it is important to have high-quality wall art. Eventually it is something which must be preserved over the years; it can increase its value or even be passed on to the next generation.

So, put your wall art purchases in the hands specialist hands like the Mineheart ones, which is an art gallery and design store. With them and your own taste, these few wall art ideas will transform your sweet home into the best one.


Last modified: April 27, 2021