Imagine you’re in a deep slumber. Far away from the hustle and bustle of life. And just then, a ray of light lands on your face, thereby bringing you back to reality. Annoying, isn’t it? And wait, there’s more.

Imagine your kids are asleep, and some random noise from outside the home wakes them up. Wondering about the solution? Well, if you want to ensure a sound and peaceful sleep for your family, you should definitely get blackout window treatments.

While having an option to completely darken your bedroom seems like a great incentive, there are various other reasons why you need to get blackout custom drapes for your home. Let’s dive in and discuss them one by one.

Block the Light And Sleep Tight: 

Today, a majority of individuals face sleeping difficulties due to one reason or another. Flash from car headlights or pole light are most common distractions during our sleep.

If you are someone who prefers an undisturbed sleep, then blackout window treatment is an ideal choice. These drapes efficiently blocks out every possible light coming from outside and helps you sleep better and longer.

But that’s just one aspect of these drapes. Since blackout curtains are made up of multiple densely woven opaque material, they also block heatwaves during the afternoon hours. Moreover, if you’ve a home theatre, set these drapes in your room and get a realistic cinema experience.

Go With an Environment-Friendly Solution:

Did you know an average household loses approximately 30% of its heat through the windows? This puts undue pressure on the heating and cooling systems to maintain an ideal temperature, thereby increasing energy cost.

Blackout window treatments – whether curtains or custom roman shades –  are equipped to seamlessly regulate your home’s temperature. For instance, if it’s chilly outdoors, you can turn down the shades and rest comfortably, all snug and warm.

Similarly, during the summer season, blackout  drapes can keep your room cool. What’s more? Blackout window treatments can even lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint by consuming lesser energy. These small and climate-friendly changes will go a long way in preserving our environment.

Rectify Sleep Pattern:

Are you up for a quick science lesson? Well, we have already established that blackout window treatments can completely block out sunlight and street lights. Now, what if we tell you that by doing so, they dramatically enhance your pineal gland’s ability to generate the melatonin hormone.

And if you go by what experts have to say, melatonin production largely influences your sleep cycle. Usage of blackout drapes makes the transition between night and day seamless, which helps in boosting the quality of your sleep. So there is, a scientific proven reason to get these drapes.

Protect Furnishing Items:

Can you guess the most common pain point of north-facing homeowners? Well, their homes have to bear the brunt of scorching heat, particularly during the summer season. Repeated onslaught of the intense sunlight ages interiors and dulls their wall paints. And redoing them over and over again can burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Once you install blackout window treatments,  you can simply close the curtains during most part of the day, and open them only after the sun fizzles out in the evening.

Transform Your Home On A Budget:

If you tell someone that you got a window treatment, which is not just affordable but also stylish, they would laugh it off. But it’s true! Blackout curtains are not dull and drab any more. In fact, they now come in a huge range of colors, patterns and textures so you don’t have to compromise on style, money or functionality anymore.

So live life king size and give your home a luxurious feel on a budget with blackout drapes. In fact, you can become a trendsetter after getting these drapery fabrics for your home.

Enough words, now some action…

Blackout curtains are custom-designed to not just protect your privacy, but also accentuate the style of your home. Their efficacy in blocking external lights and noise make them an ideal choice for every household. We hope that by now you’ve enough reasons to invest this drape, which will ensure sound and peaceful sleep for your family.


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