Like any other profession, acting is also the best-chosen career among new aspirants. Of course, who does not want to get fame, money, and leisure. Well, the more it seems prettier to imagine, the more it requires hard work to prove your mettle. We all have been fans of several actors and actresses from Hollywood, be it Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anne Hathaway, Anjelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and so on. 

But do you think these actors became an overnight sensation among their fans? No, it’s not. Everything comes with struggle, sheer dedication, and of course hard work. So are you prepared for it? If yes, then no one can stop you from becoming the next new superstar of Hollywood one day. But for that, you need to immerse yourself in learning all the main elements about acting from some of the top acting coaches in Hollywood or Los Angeles. 

Best 5 acting coaches in Hollywood

And who knows you may be getting the golden chance to work with someone who has already worked with celebrities. So today we are going to list down some of the top acting coaches that impart acting lessons to young enthusiasts. So if interested to join, then let’s begin with our acting coaches, beginning with:

Alisha Marks

Alisha Marks is one of the top acting coaches in Hollywood you need to approach to begin your journey in acting. Where many acting coaches emphasize much upon adults, Alisha Marks comes a standout in giving training on acting to kids and young boys and girls. Her clients even include 3-year olds. 

She had experience with young talent for about 20 years. It is great working with Alisha. She has her unique method of teaching acting to her clients. There is a special name for it, called Marks Method. Adding more advantage, she imparts acting lessons individually, as well as on a video telephonic and conference application, Skype. 

Now if you ask the question as to why we need to refer to Alisha Marks acting coaching, then let us tell you that under her training, many of her clients have got exposure to TV shows and even in commercials. Hence, it is a great platform to give your child exposure to acting under her mentorship. And to name some of the well-known clients to include Kayla Yap, Kaori Neville, and Isabel Martin. They all have worked in many commercials for big brands. 

Andrew Wood

Another great place you need to explore to get acting classes in Hollywood is The Andrew Wood Acting Studio. The classes range from eight to ten weeks. It can either be finished online or individually. For your information, Andrew Wood is known to have been working with actors on Netflix. Now to mention some of his well-known clients, they are Clayton Hoff, Even Bittencourt, Gavin Leatherwood. 

You must have watched them in the American crime thriller Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, American supernatural horror show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and American comedy-drama series Shameless. Now at the time of the global pandemic, you don’t have to roam around Hollywood to become part of his class, because he provides acting classes online also. If you desire to have private space for the online classes, then you need to be part of a coworking office space. A private area can also be taken as rent at coworking spaces like Studio at Beverly Hills. 

One of the prominent elements of Andrew Wood acting classes in the Essentials Workshop. It is a two-way course on scene study and technique, and it runs for ten weeks. In the technique part, students are lectured and given exercises. This section also includes concepts and distinctions. Coming up to the second section of the acting course, it runs for ten-week time. Here students are told to make pairs for a particular scene. In the second section, they are given practical knowledge about the concepts, significance, and tools that have been taught in the first section of the class. 

Students who are thorough with the approach of this acting studio and have shown sincerity in their work participate in The Advanced Workshop. If we look upon the culture of Andrew Wood Acting Studio, it puts a prime focus on cooperation, sincerity, devotion, and desire for dramatic writing plus challenge to personify it. 

Desean Terry

When it comes to listing the best acting studios in Hollywood, then The Graham Shiels Studio cannot be skipped. But more importantly, is Desean Terry who works here as a teacher. The acting coach gives training to students of graduate and undergraduate level and coaching on self-tape audition. He also does private coaching. 

Unlike other acting coaches, Desean Terry is more inclined to theatre not in films. But he had exposure to TV series like Southland and another one, The Morning Show. Desean has experience working both as a director and producer on many short films. There is much raving feedback from students trained by him. Many of them had worked with him for a long time. According to them, Desean always has a great passion for his work, and it is worth spending the golden time with him. Michael Sheldon, known for Jack of Diamonds, Dream Team, and Hamlet, is one such example who had been his student. 

Elizabeth Mestnik

If you wish to make it big in Hollywood as an actor, then one more great option to apply for is The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio. The acting studio is named under acting coach Elizabeth Mestnik who is also the director of it. The Los Angeles-based acting coach is specialized in the ‘Meisner Technique’ which she teaches to her students. 

The classes taught in this acting studio range from voice lessons, lessons from Shakespearean acting literature, and scene studies (both with a camera and without it). Misner technique lessons are also included in this studio. It is the best acting learning class for beginners making it one of the top acting learning places for anyone to begin their career in acting. Some of the alumni who had been part of Mestnik programs are Mandalyn Meades and Lily Holleman.


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