People often try out things to spice up their looks to gain attention. It is common between both genders. Well, when it comes to beautifying your personality, then it isn’t about just clothes, footwear, or any styling accessories. Trying out new hairstyles is also counted in it. There are many different hairstyles you can choose to suit your personality. 

Well, if you are interested in sporting curly hairstyles, then the technique of the perm will surely make it possible. It is one of the simplest and speedy methods to make you feel good. But mind you there is a flip side of it. What I am trying to say is that if you experiment with your hair by curling it with a perm, it can be challenging to get rid of it, if it gets bad. Yes, it is true. The easier and quickest you use a perm for curling your hair, it can turn out to be complex and time taking when it comes to removing it. 

Easy ways to get rid of a perm

What is a perm?

Well, there are solutions to remove the perm, but before that, you must know about it. Since perm is associated with hairstyling, it means setting up your hairstyle giving it a curly and wavy look. Perms are applied via chemical means which helps mold the hairstreaks into curls and wavy form. 

Celebrities who have sported curly hairstyle

It is not news that we all get inspired by the looks sported by any celebrity. Many female celebrities have sported the curly look and nailed it. Some of the popular names include 

  • Shakira 
  • Rihanna 
  • Beyonce Knowles 
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 
  • Blake Lively 
  • Mariah Carrey 
  • Julia Roberts 
  • Taylor Swift 
  • Madonna
  • Jenna Dewan 
  • Selena Gomez 
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jessica Alba
  • Gone Girl fame Lola Kirke
  • Charlize Theron

Simple home remedies to get rid of the stubborn perm

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sporting new looks giving a break to one’s regular hairstyles. It does seem exciting to see ourselves in curled hair look, but when it comes to removing the perm, it becomes a cumbersome task. When you decide to go for a permanent curly hair lock, then it won’t be possible without the use of chemicals, as it brings changes to your internal shape that composes your hair. 

You need to know that the perms used by salons and in homes are not reliable. With that, we mean a person can end up having an excess curliness in his/her hair compared to what has been visualized first. Moreover, the perms containing chemicals would further worsen your hair with more dryness. And then it won’t be possible for you to organize frizzy hair. 

Hence, it is better to look for a safer alternative which is possible in natural home remedies. This would help in adding moisture to one’s hair, which will result in the loosening of the hard and dry hair curls. So there is nothing to worry about, as today we are going to tell you about some simple home remedies that can help you in getting rid of perms without any pain. Here are they:

Extra virgin olive oil

As mentioned above, perms are chemical-laced which affects the natural texture of your hair by making it more rough and dry. Hence to add some moisture to your hair and give it a glow, you don’t need any chemical-laced product, but a natural remedy which is olive oil. It is the best solution for bringing back your hair’s actual texture. The main reason why olive oil is recommended for this purpose is that it contains so many antioxidants enriched with vitamin A and E. 

Now if you want to go with this solution, then we recommend extra virgin olive oil since it is clubbed with ample nutrients. Also, there are not many chemicals in it. Coming on to usage, apply half a teaspoon on hair. Start massaging with it from touching roots and then move to the top, keeping the focus on both the ends. Let the oil get completely dipped into your hair strands. Then after a few hours, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. 

If you are impatient and are expecting instant results, then this practice has to be followed daily. It is the best oil to apply after shampooing to make sure no dirt is left in your hair. Do not forget to rinse, as oil if kept for a longer duration can badly affect your skin. So now you don’t have to make hefty expenses when the solution lies in your house. Extra virgin olive oil is the best alternative that can be found in your kitchen. 

Eggs and Avocado

Besides extra virgin olive oil, there are other two natural home remedies – eggs and avocado. They are known to be one of the ideal diets you consume in your daily breakfast. But now you will be surprised to know that these foods can also help in solving your perm problem. Well, there is a genuine reason why we have enlisted eggs and avocado. These low-carb meals contain high-rich protein which is great for your health. So just imagine their amazing benefits on your hair. 

Where eggs, being rich in protein, help fence the broken hair strands caused by bad perm, nature’s best fruit, avocado, add up more advantage in knocking out perm. The natural avocado oil will work similarly to what olive oil does for your hair. If you want to experience faster and better results, then you need to make the best use of protein-rich carb diets equivalently. 

All you have to do is scramble the eggs as you usually do for making an omelette in a frying pan. Since you are needing it for your hair, then forget the latter, and concentrate on the procedure of mixing the scrambled eggs with mashed avocados. Wait for a while till the solid particles are fully set in. After that, start applying it to your hair. Note that the mixture that you have prepared can be very sticky, so make sure it should not drop on your clothes or your home furniture. Leave it for a while, and afterward, you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Practice this daily, and see the real results. 


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