What is Algebra?

Number theory, Geometry, and Analysis clubbed together gives birth to one of the broad areas of MAthematics called algebra. In general, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and rules that are required to manipulate these symbols.

There are two parts of algebra, namely – elementary algebra and abstract algebra. Kids who go to school are taught elementary algebra, which involves solving equations. Elementary algebra is essential as it is used in Mathematics, engineering, and science.

It is clear that the scope of algebra is very vast, and this turns out to be a major pain point for young minds. They can get easily confused if they do not use the proper methods to learn algebra. Hence, we will see a list of study tips that can be used while trying to understand this topic.

Top 3 Innovative Ways to Study Algebra

1. Try to Generate Interest

Algebra is introduced to kids at a young age. Children at that age tend to be very fickle and can get easily distracted. This hinders the studying process. In addition to this, the traditional school curriculum is very monotonous, and teachers focus only on imparting bookish knowledge to get good grades.

As you cannot expect anything better from school, as a student you will have to find methods to increase your motivation for learning about the subject. One of the fastest ways to get interested in algebra is by reading up on fun facts and the associated history. Algebra has a very colorful and long history as there are several great mathematicians belonging to different cultures and eras whose research gave us modern algebra.

2. Real-Life Examples

Algebra goes hand in hand where numbers are concerned. Right from the simplest equations consisting of natural numbers to the most complicated word problems, algebra is used in one form or another. Thus, it is very important to have a clear understanding of how to use algebra. Children find it hard to study a topic if they do not know how it is used. As a student, you can do a quick search regarding where algebra is used in the real world.

In fact, you might unknowingly be using algebra in your daily life, such as to measure the dimensions of your room or the size of a TV that can fit easily in your room. It is good to be aware of such applications as they help you develop a strong conceptual understanding of the subject.

3. External Platforms

It is necessary for students to get the proper guidance when they study Mathematics. If there is a gap in his learning, he will develop a shaky foundation that can prove to be problematic later in his life. Cuemath is a fantastic online educational platform that can help you with the goal of achieving a good quality education at the right price.

The certified tutors focus on concept development by using resources such as puzzles, math games, worksheets, visual simulations, and apps. They create a holistic learning environment for the student and ensure that kids have fun while studying. With a well-organized curriculum and good resources, a child is sure to master the subject in no time.


Algebra is one of the most widely used tools in Mathematics to solve any type of problem. You can use the methods listed in this article to study, or you can come up with your own innovative ways. The goal is to develop such a good understanding of the subject that you are able to attempt research-level questions.


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