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The 10 best-selling car brands around the world

Whether it is to buy a car or simply to find out about a specific model, the internet has become the main research tool.

Unlike before, you had to visit a dealer, buy a magazine or the famous Blue Book to know some of the specifications of the cars. Today, just go to the Google search engine to know each of the details of the brands or models.

Even in addition to being able to search for information, the internet has become a tool for the sale / purchase of cars, whether new or pre-owned.

But in addition to allowing people to be entertained and informed and / or carry out the process of buying a car, Internet search engines, in this case Google Chrome, allow to know which are the searched and therefore the most popular, either worldwide. , by continent, country, between men or women. In short, the information can be broken down according to the needs.

The ranking of the 10 best-selling car brands in the world is led by Toyota, one of the least affected by the pandemic.

10 best-selling car brands

Toyota reached 10.5% of the global market in 2020 and was once again the leader in the ranking of the best-selling brands, with numbers of 7.86 million units, expanding the advantage over the rest during the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, along with Kia, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, it was one of the brands least affected by the coronavirus contingency and lost 12.2% compared to 2019 sales.

In previous years, Toyota reached a peak share of 10% in 2019, although it has been the leader among the world’s best-selling brands uninterruptedly since 2010.

In addition, Toyota has focused on a single brand with the most powerful product range in the world, under the same logo. Other manufacturers have created several brands focused on the same segments while Toyota diversifies only with Lexus to the luxury market and Daihatsu, in certain markets, in the segment of small and low-cost vehicles.

Volkswagen moved into second place and lost ground, largely because of the brand’s dependence on the Chinese market, which accounts for four out of 10 cars sold worldwide. The German brand had a 7.6% share with 5.73 million units, 16.8 percent less than in 2019.

Ford closed the podium with 4.18 million units (-18.3%) followed by Honda, which reported 3.97 million units (-14.1%) and Hyundai, with 3.71 million and a drop of 15.2 percent.

In sixth place was Nissan with 3.48 million sales although with a considerable fall of 20.4%. However, it was not the worst performer compared to the previous year, because Chevrolet came in seventh with a decrease of 22.4% and 2.96 million cars delivered to customers worldwide.

Kia continues within the top 10 with 2.82 million units, although with an outstanding performance compared to the industry average, as the drop in sales in such a difficult year was only -4.6%.

Two German luxury brands close the ranking: Mercedes-Benz with 2.37 million cars (-8.2%) and BMW, for the first time in the top 10, with 2.05 million and (-8.4%).

The most searched cars in Google in all 2020

Toyota managed to overtake BMW in global car brand searches on Google during the outlier 2020.

Digital tools have facilitated access to information about the cars that are for sale, and what is to come, basically from anywhere on the planet, but within Google, what was the most searched brand in 2020?

According to information obtained from Google search data from 158 countries in 2020, the Compare the Market site reveals that Toyota managed to beat BMW as the most searched car brand on Google in all of 2020.

Reviewing the results of previous years (2019 and 2018) we find an interesting pattern, since both Toyota and BMW have disputed the first and second place, while Mercedes-Benz, has remained in third place for 3 consecutive years.

According to Google search analysis, Toyota led car searches in one-third (55) of the countries with 34.8 percent of total searches.

In Mexico, 2020 placed Nissan as the most searched car brand on Google, rescuing the first position of BMW, which was the leader in 2019 and Chevrolet, which did the same in 2018 in our country.

Also, the 2020 data reveals that there are still many countries that support searches for local brands, such as Ford in the United States, Volvo in Sweden, BMW in Germany and Peugeot in France, for example.

However, there are interesting surprises, for example, Alfa Romeo was the most sought after brand in the massive Chinese market, beating the many local brands or most relevant manufacturers.

Undoubtedly, the exciting range of Toyota launches in 2020 had to do with the increase in Google searches, such as the GR Yaris and Corolla Cross.