About CouchTuner

CouchTuner is an online movie and TV show streaming site that lets you watch films from Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO, The CW, Turner, Otter Media, DC Companies, and more. The site is completely free so you can watch all you want.

However, not everyone can access this site for some reason, including blocking access from the internet service provider. If this happens to you, then you should have some alternatives so you can still watch your favorite films. Listed below are some of the best alternative sites for CouchTuner in 2020.

1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is another famous alternative site for CouchTuner. You can find here various lists of movies and TV shows from different genres. The interface of its website is designed that well that it is easy for you to find fresh and trending films. Although you can register, using the site is free and you don’t need to give out important information. 

When you are registered, you can rate the movies and shows, make requests, and save content that you can watch later on. You have to note though that all content found in SolarMovie is not stored in its database. Instead, the movies and shows you watch are provided by third parties that are not affiliated with the site.

2. New Episodes


As its name denotes, you can find new episodes of popular TV shows in New Episodes. You can directly find newly added episodes in their home page, where they will be featured. If you are still looking for what to watch, you can find here shows in alphabetical order. This easily gives you an idea of what you will watch next. 

Apart from that, the site has a search bar so you can search directly for the show you are planning to watch. This site has an active forum, which comes in handy in giving you ideas on what to watch. 

3. PopcornFlix


Popcornflix continues to be one of the top-rated streaming sites out there. This is why it is one of the best options if you are looking for another alternative for CouchTuner. What many people like about this site is there aren’t too many ads, which can get really annoying. Plus, you can find here a wide selection of movies from various genres!

4. Putlocker

Putlocker is in no doubt one of the most famous sites for streaming movies. There are so many movies you can find here. However, the best part about Putlocker is that you can find movies here from different countries. These include Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Hong Kong, and so much more!

5. Fmovies


Fmovies is a streaming site similar to CouchTuner with a dark theme. This website is also very popular since it offers movies that are newly released. You can also find essential information once you click a movie, like description, cast, release date, duration, and more.

6. Primewire


Primewire is also a good candidate if you are looking for an alternative site for CouchTuner. You can find here newly released movies that are available in different resolutions. This is great for you if you don’t have a reliable internet connection. You can always adjust the resolution so your movie does not keep on loading.

The site is also free but it’s highly recommended that you register. This way, you will have a better idea of how you can use the site in its maximum potential.

7. Watch Series

Watch Series

If you enjoy watching TV shows, then Watch Series is a great alternative for CouchTuner. What makes this site stand out is that people can still leave comments even if they are not registered. However, if you do decide to register, you get to enjoy other features. These include getting notifications for new episodes and subscribing to TV shows on the site.

Aside from TV series, Watch Series also has a number of movies in its library. You can find here different genres, including Japanese anime and Asian dramas.

8. Moviewatcher


Movieswatcher is a free streaming site that lets you watch a bunch of movies and TV shows. You can directly watch for free and without any registration. It offers a variety of movies from different genres, including crime, comedy, biography, horror, history, drama, fantasy, family, musical, and many more.

9. Daily TV Fix


If you have a great love for TV, then Daily TV Fix is for you. On this site, you can find a variety of movies and some famous TV shows. It has a search bar so you can find right away the title you are looking for. What’s more, you can find right away new movies and shows added on the site as they will be featured on the home page. 

You can also find a forum section on the site where people discussed all kinds of things. Through checking the forum page, you will have an idea of what to watch or get a picture of a certain movie or show.

10. AZ Movies


If you check its website, AZ Movies has a well-designed and fully-functional site. It may seem like its a paid service but it is actually free. This site is established by a group of people who have a passion for movies and would like to share this with other people. You can find here even old movies, like the one directed by Charlie Chaplin himself in 1915.


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