Roof Damage Insurance


Tips to File Roof Damage Insurance Claim for Your Home

Roofs are not the ones to come down easily. Only a massive weather catastrophe like a hurricane, flood or fire can bring a roof down. If you are not insured against roof damage, the costs can be too high on your pocket and in a highly volatile weather situation of South Florida, it is utter negligence to not have roof damage insurance.

For those of you who do have insurance, we have compiled a few tips that you can follow to make your insurance claim process as smooth as possible.

Start with reviewing your roof damage insurance policy

Right from what it covers and it does not cover, make a comprehensive mental list and compare it to the damages that you have sustained. A good detail to note would be if your coverage is for replacement cost or actual value.

Assess and document the damage to the best of your abilities

Look out for hidden damages, such as electrical wirings, cracks or crevices in the roof coverings, water damage etc. Do make it a point to walk through with a video camera as you inspect. Make sure to annotate any photographic evidence that you collect with the time and date of capture.

Do not wait for the insurance company to be proactive

When dealing with a roof claim, any delay might lead to serious consequences especially if the roof has sustained blows on its structure. What might look like a normal wear and tear can actually be serious therefore have a second opinion at the ready. A good service from Roof Damage Public Adjusters in South Florida includes experienced contractors who can get your roof in prime conditions within no time.

Start with reviewing your roof damage insurance policy

Keep a note of correspondence

Usually claims are denied on slightest of errors which can be avoided if you have taken the effort to maintain a log of who you have corresponded to from day 1 with their name designation and subject of conversation. When it comes to roof damage, even one witness can make or break the situation.

Protect the roof from further damage

With the help of a local contractor, try and put up a tarp so that no further damage occurs on the roof. If you observe water damage or mold growth, dehumidify the building after thoroughly documenting it. Be careful not to do any major restoration work which can potentially become difficult to claim.

Explain terms to the insurance companies in a language they understand

For this, try referencing your policy document as often as you can and if it gets any more difficult, contact ProFloridian Public Adjusters, a Roof Damage Public Adjusting in South Florida to help sort out your claim. You can always negotiate with them the terms of engagement.

Certain roof materials can get an insurance discount

Research materials that can get you a discount with your insurer-materials that are durable. Some may even let you know the materials, so good point in checking with the company.

It is important to note that policies don’t cover damage caused by a lack of maintenance. Therefore take care to regularly maintain the roof. If the roof is not well maintained then you will have trouble getting the full payment. Flood and Earthquake insurance are covered separately and might not be covered under roof damage policies.

Consider taking them on using separate policies. If the process goes beyond your capacity it is better to contact a roof damage public adjuster sooner than later. Once they take over, you can fully focus on restoration of the damages.

Last modified: April 21, 2021