The Masked Singer US season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

If you love watching real onstage performances, then there are reality shows like American Idol and many others. But there is one show on the FOX network that stands apart for its unique portrayal of singing performances. It is The Masked Singer. Well, let me tell you that it isn’t the original concept from America, but is adapted from South Korean culture. 

However, people loved watching its first season two years ago in the United States. If you ask what is so special about this show, then let me tell you that it follows an interesting concept where celebrities take part in this competition without revealing themselves through donning colorful costumes and performing. 

Celebrities can be male and female. And whosoever stands, at last, is declared the winner. Even the show did not get full positive views, as some did not like it so much. Still, it managed to garner the most searches on the Fox channel. Till now, there have been four shows released, and now expectations are on the release of the fifth season.

Show Details 

TV series: The Masked Singer
Genre: Reality competition
Directed by:  Alex Rudzinski & Brad Duns
Presented by: Nick Cannon
Place Of Origin: United States
Starcast:  Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke & Jenny Wahlberg
Original language: English
Seasons: 4
Episodes:  56

The Masked Singer Season 5 Release Date

Format Of The Show

In every season of the reality competition show The Masked Singer you will see a bunch of celeb contestants. In every episode, some proportion of contestants have to show their singing prowess in a given second. They have to conceal their identity during the performance by donning a special costume. Clue packaging is known to be an indication of the identity of concealed celebrities shown before and after the performance.

Judges On The Masked Singer

The show is judged by a panel of judges belonging from different streams of entertainment. The judges in The Masked Singer include Ken Jeong, who is an actor known for his stupendous humor. Joining him other judges include Robin, Nicole, and television actress Jenny. Nick Cannon is the host of the show. He will be hosting the new season of The Masked Singer also. Other than him, Judges would also be the same. 

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is a popular name in the field of entertainment. He is a multi-talented figure, who has expertise in varied fields including rap music, humor, acting as well as being the presenter on TV. 

He began his career at a very young age before he became a known face in hosting shows like The Masked Singers, America’s Got Talent and many others including the show on his name. Nick also proved his acting prowess by appearing in movies like Love Don’t Cost a Thing and the other two. 

Besides proficiency in other streams, Nick released Gigolo, his single rap album in partnership with a well-known American rapper. He also essayed the role of a football player in a sports-based film that came in 2007. He recorded some of the singles for his album Stages, but sadly it never came out. 

You all are familiar with the beautiful female singer from America, Mariah Carrey. Nick married her long ago and became the father of kids from her. But his relationship with her did not last long and ended in divorce. 

Brief About Jennifer McCarthy

Jenny made her career debut with Playboy during the 90s as a naked model at that time for the adult magazine. She became the Playmate of the Year. After that, she switched her career to the entertainment field to show her acting prowess in films and television. And she did get success in becoming the host of a game show on music television (MTV). It aired in the 90s for two years. 

Other than this, Jenny also appeared in sitcoms like Jenny and another in the millennium decade. She also garnered roles in films like Scream 3, John Tucker Must Die, Santa Baby, and others. Jenny also became the host of The View, a talk show on the ABC network. Then in 2019, she became one of the judges of a competitive reality show, The Masked Singer.  

Jenny often gets surrounded by controversies due to her outspoken nature. She is even regarded as harmful, impulsive, and even uneducated. She is a recipient of the Golden Globe Apple Award for the female star and other awards of humor. 

Other Works

After getting success in the entertainment field including films and television, Jenny also authored books that were especially based on parenting. She also took a keen interest in environmental and medical streams. Jenny expressed her concern for environmental causes and finding medical solutions for the people who have problems with autism. 

Costume Characters Of The Masked Singer Season 5

The Masked Singer 4th season had around sixteen celebrity participants. They had fully covered themselves with the costumes unrevealing their identities. The characters who reached the finals were the reptile monster (crocodile), gilled fungi (mushroom), and the natural light source (Sun). Now if you ask about costumed characters of the following season 5, then sorry to disappoint you, there are no such clarifications on it till now. 

When Will The Masked Singer Season 5 Be Released?

If you have enjoyed watching all the previous seasons of the competitive reality show, The Masked Singer, then it is indeed curious about waiting for the next season (5). Due to persisting global pandemic COVID-19, the production has come to halt. However, there is a possibility that the fifth season might hit the screen in March 2021. Till then, let us wait for the new updates on contestants in the upcoming weeks. 

Will There Be Something New To See In The New Season?

If you are asking this in the context of format, then for your information, there will be no changes in it. The show will follow the same format that it has been following from its previous seasons. But you won’t be bored to see it. As representations and performances by the celebrities in different costumes will be different and more entertaining. 

You must have enjoyed watching the previous shows with great interest, so just wait for the next month, and you will see the new changes with the streaming of the new Masked Singer season.

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