Ozark Season 4


Ozark Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Ozark is a thriller, crime drama based on a couple, played by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, who shift to Ozark to fulfil their purpose of money Laundering. They series also features Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Julia Garner, Jordana Spiro, Jason Butler Harner, Esai Morales, Peter, Mullan, Lisa Emery, Charlie Tahan, Janet McTeer, Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Frances Dukes in leading roles. The first season of the series premiered on Netflix on July 21, 2017. If you’re into thrillers and have a thing for criminal dramas, this could be your perfect go to series.

Show Details

TV Series: Ozark
Genre: Thriller

Crime drama

Created by:  Bill Dubuque

Mark Williams

Starring : Jason Bateman

Laura Linney

Sofia Hublitz

Skylar Gaertner

Julia Garner

Jordana Spiro

Jason Butler Harner

Esai Morales

Peter Mullan

Lisa Emery

Charlie Tahan

Janet McTeer

Tom Pelphrey

Jessica Frances Dukes

Place Of Origin: United States
Composer: Danny Bensi

Saunder Jurriaans

Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 30

Ozark Season 4 Release Date

More about the show

The Show has been created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams and has been produced by Jason Bateman, Chris Mundy, Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Its background score has been given by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans. The show has the United States as its place of origin and has been created originally in the English language. It has 3 seasons and 30 episodes. The producers of the show are MRC, Aggregate Films, Zero Gravity Management, Headhunter Films,

Man, Woman & Child Productions. The show created a major buzz amongst its viewers, ever since its first season aired. Fans have been waiting die heartedly for the fourth season to be released. 

Ozark has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards 32 times in several categories including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Bateman and Julia Garnet even won these awards. Bateman has also been nominated twice for Golden Globe Award Best Actor – Television Series Drama. Critics have been quite impressed the way the makers have written, directed and been true to their audience in terms of facts.

Story and plot

Martin Marty Byrde and his family live in Chicago, Naperville. He practices money laundering and is into a deal with a Mexican drug cartel. The deal goes wrong and Martin fails terribly. In order to compensate for the loss, he offers the other party to work on an even bigger laundering project, but in the Lakes of Ozark, in Central Missouri. He decides to shift his base to Ozark, along with his family. After reaching Ozark, Martin and his family get into criminal cases of the locality, along with some other families, like the Longmores and the Snells. 

“Content is the king” and the most important feature of any project. The writers of the show have gone the extra miles, just to make their story more believable. To reach to the jest of money laundering and understand it better, they hired an FBI agent who was in-charge of the financial crimes. Most part of the shooting took place in Chicago, where sets were created, to make the place look like Ozark, except for the shots of “Welcome To Lake Of the Ozarks” sign.

The finale episode of the third season came as a big shock for the audience for its unexpected conclusion and left the fans wanting more. Therefore talking about the fourth season, Jason Bateman said, “We actually start the next season, the first episode is Laura [Linney] and I looking in the mirror just after that moment, cleaning Janet [McTeer, who played Helen] out of our hair. It’s a nice kind of 10-minutes-later pick up. A nice transition.”

Cast and crew

The character of Martin “Marty” Byrde has been played by Jason Bateman. Laura Linney has played the character of Wendy Byrde. Sofia Hublitz played Charlotte Byrde, the daughter of Marty and Wendy and Skylar Gaertner played Jonah Byrde, their son. Julia Garner playedRuth Langmore, while Jordana Spiro featured as Rachel Garrison. Jason Butler Harner, Esai Morales, Peter Mullan, Lisa Emery, Charlie Tahan, Janet McTeer, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Frances Dukes, Felix Solis, Damian Young, Adam Rothenberg and Alfonso Herrera have also featured in important roles.


The series has released 3 seasons till now and is preparing for the release of the fourth one. The first season premiered on July 21, 2017 and had 10 episodes namely Sugarwood, Blue Cat, My Dripping Sleep, Tonight We Improvise, Ruling Days, Book of Ruth, Nest Box, Kaleidoscope, Coffee, Black and The Toll. 

The second season aired on August 31, 2018 and had 10 episodes namely Reparations, The Precious Blood of Jesus, Once a Langmore, Stag, Game Day, Outer Darkness, One Way Out, The Big Sleep, The Badger and The Gold Coast. The third season premiered on March 27, 2020 and had 10 episodes like the other two. The episodes were Wartime, Civil Union, Kevin Cronin Was Here, Boss Fight, It Came From Michoacán, Su Casa Es Mi Casa, In Case of Emergency, BFF, Fire Pink and All In.

Release date of Ozark Season 4

The first season premiered on July 21, 2017, the second season on August 31, 2018 and the third season on March 27, 2020. Everybody who’s watched the series is dying to watch the fourth season of it. The makers of the series informed that the fourth season of the series will have 14 episodes and they shall be released in two parts. Which means that the entire fourth season shall have two parts. 

Talking about the release of the fourth season, “We’re going to start November 9th. Everything is moving well toward that, and we’re very confident in the guidelines and protocols we’re going to be following. We’ve got tons of consultants, [and] we’re learning a lot from other productions.” It is being said that the fourth season shall be released in the year 2022.

Is it worth watching?

The series has received a thumbs up from the critiques as well as the audience. The screenplay, writing, cinematography, acting and it’s background score are some factors that make it at least a one time watch.