Everything has to wait for its turn to shine and get noticed. Earlier, kitchen sink faucets were nothing more than a utility feature. Nobody saw them as an element of visual appeal. You may have also started paying attention to it in this sense recently. After all, it is impossible to keep yourself away from the design improvements happening today.

You get plenty of models with superior technology. Still, their progress in the field of style is unmatchable. The one technological triumph in this area has been the inclusion of ceramic cartridge. And whatever other things are developing in this context are still waiting for approval.

As such, you can trust any branded faucet for its functionality, regardless of its color, price, and feature. You can think of a Kraus gold kitchen faucet, for instance. The brushed gold sink faucet looks distinct and elegant in terms of design. And if you want to leave your signature in the cooking area, you can focus on getting a commercial type faucet.


The tall brushed gold faucet with a towering height of 18 inches, which is more than any standard faucet height, can easily fetch all the attention. However, you may still wonder if this can be the right choice. For clarity, you first need to delve into different styles and understand what can serve your needs.

Shopping for a kitchen faucet style

Like anything else, faucets can also have three broad classifications – classical, modern, and transitional. You have to learn the impact of each of them to arrive at a specific decision.

Classical faucet designs

The traditional or classical designs are suitable for old American kitchens. These may not look exactly the way they used to be about a decade back. But they possess an indelible classical spirit. In North America, these are still quite popular. If you come across a bright chrome finish plumbing fixture, you can instantly assume the kitchen to have a strong traditional appeal. The reason behind its widespread popularity is that many North American homes are century old. They cannot adopt any modern angular design suddenly as it would look out of place.

However, the one thing you cannot deny about this style is its ease of use. The simple design doesn’t take much time to figure out how to operate it.

Modern faucet designs

The contemporary styles are all about adventure and innovation – something that any urban home admires the most. These can be a bit edgy and apply advanced materials and technologies. However, some believe that designs are still quite basic as they focus on industrial and geometric vibes more. From angular shapes to well-defined edges to tubular structures, you can find them in many variations. The main advantage of these designs is the ergonomics. The makers make sure that you have a comfortable experience while using it. You may take time to adjust to all the features and functionalities, but the journey becomes easy once you get hold of them. Pull-down and pull-out styles can be an example of this category.


Transitional faucet designs

As evident from the name, these eclectic styles combine the best of old and new elements to serve your preferences like a pro. A commercial faucet in gold color can be an ideal reference for this. While the industrial look represents the modern tastes, the golden finish reminds you of the yesteryears when incorporating this hue used to be a matter of pride and a sign of luxury. With the spiral design on the spout and brushed gold finish, you can transform the kitchen ambiance into any mood.


Picking the right style

Buying anything for a kitchen can be a personal experience as it has to satisfy your aesthetic and functional goals both. Since you may be ambitious about how your cooking area looks, it will be difficult for you to give it any definite touch. You may not want to incline towards a too modern or traditional approach at once. At the same time, you can think of adding balance to get optimum creative freedom with your visualization of the space. Considering this, you don’t need to look beyond a golden faucet in a commercial theme. One single appliance can be the symbol of old and new in your cooking zone.

Some designers can warn you of the height. They can argue that too tall designs don’t last long in terms of trend. But you can take it easy because the prevalent oversized sinks require these types of faucets. A farmhouse sink or a large undermount sink will not look appropriate with a modest faucet design. They need something that can match their aura and a strong presence. And commercial faucets can be the right partner for them.


Since you get many varieties in golden faucets in this specific style, you have to dig out the best option for your use. For this, you can focus on its features. For instance, you need to know how comfortably you can switch from water stream to sprayer mode. The length of the sprayer head also matters. You also have to check its spout shape and height. It should allow you to accommodate bulky pans and pots easily. At the same, you should not face the water splashing issue. If the faucet offers an aerated stream, it can be immensely useful.

So, how are you planning to decorate your kitchen? As mentioned, if you want to give it a specific look, such as modern or traditional, you can buy a faucet that conforms to such themes. You can even opt for a transitional design in this plumbing fixture to keep a balance between the two. Interiors with the both modern and classical appeal can adopt a golden faucet in industrial look hesitation-free. You will not have to make special efforts to blend diverse elements.

If you cannot step out of your house, visit online stores for shopping. You can browse through the whole range to find out the perfect choice. Please make sure you pay attention to their price and features.


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