Alpaca as a pet, why not? Today more and more people think about this and believe us, alpaca can be a perfect pet for you and your family but first, there are a few things you must take care of.

Don’t even think about getting only one alpaca as a pet. If you wonder why alpacas are used to live in a herd, so if you isolate only one of them, it will probably get sick and die. With at least two of them, you will get a leader and the other one will be suppressed, in a group of three, it will be even better for them.

Female alpaca will be a leader, while others two will know their role in a herd. Hierarchy is actually very important for them, it’s simple, every alpaca will be much happier and healthier in a herd. In this article, we will draw your attention to some other things you need to know before getting an alpaca as a pet.

Alpaca traits

Alpacas are very kind and intelligent animals that can be a great pet for you. They are also curious and friendly if you handle them correctly. Another good side is that they make great companions for other domestic animals like horses, goats, or even chickens.

Alpacas won’t ask a huge area for themselves, for example, an acre is more than enough for about 5 alpacas. They are used to live outside, in fields. It’s recommended to build them a shelter, although these animals can handle almost every weather trouble, it’s very rare for them to use a shelter.

They also can come in a wide range of colors, from black to white and even multi-colored. Alpacas communicate through tail and ear positions and by making very weird and funny noises.

Can I have them in my backyard?

The next thing you probably wonder is can I have alpaca in my backyard? The answer is yes, but it’s not that simple as it seems. Before anything, you must check it with your local laws, because some states have certain rules about keeping animals like alpacas in your backyard. Make sure you have enough space because we already mentioned that you need at least two of them in a herd, as well as needed resources and time.

Can I have them in my backyard

Fleece, health, and protection

Fleece is very soft and light and well known for its durable quality. It’s hypoallergenic, and it’s much lighter and warmer than wool for example. Fleece is connected to the outside temperature as well. It means when the temperature drops, it becomes even more warmer. On the other hand, when it’s warmer outside, it’s cooler and lighter. The fiber is very popular in the household. Socks, gloves, or jumpers can be easily made.

When we talk about health, they usually need minimal care, although they like attention. You need them vaccinated and wormed at least twice a year. Their toenails also should be cut about two it three times a year.

Sometimes it may be needed to cut their front four teeth as well. It’s very rare for alpacas to get sick while they’re in the herd. Once they got sick, it’s very hard to heal them. The main reason why’s that it’s because of medications, they proceeding medications different from other cattle.

Alpacas used to spit alimentary juices for their defenses against predators, but for real protection, you will need a solid fence. Depending on where you live, your alpacas can be attacked by dogs, coyotes, or even bears so you need proper protection. It’s not recommended to use prickly fences because it can harm your pets also.

Final thoughts

To sum up, having alpacas as your pets can be a wonderful thing for you and your family. But don’t go for it if you don’t have all the needed resources, enough space, and time to take care of them. If you handle them properly they can live up to 20 years and be great pets.


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