Cooking is an art. Someone passionate about cooking will tell you how it is nothing less than a painting. Just like you need the right brushes to bring your thoughts on the canvas, you need the spatula to give your food the right texture and taste. 

A spatula with an edge that is optimum sharp and optimum blunt and has a smooth surface, shall help you in scraping your food, like your pancakes, and flipping them over. Similarly, you need the right stirrer to give your food like your soup, etc, the desired consistency and texture. A good stirrer helps you break the lumps and gives your soup a consistent texture. 

Buy Spurtle has reviewed a jet that has the potential to change your cooking experience forever. It can work as a stirrer, it can flip, it can spread the batter evenly if you’re making pancakes. But the question is, is the product legitimate and worth an investment? Well, let’s find out.

What is Buy Spurrtle?

The product:

If you’re looking to upgrade the utensils in your kitchen, then maybe this product is the right item to buy for you. The jet is the first item in the set which is a wooden spatula made of acacia wood. It is multipurpose and can be used for flipping, stirring, scraping, and even spreading. So if you’re a pancake person, this could be just the right investment for you. You could use it to beat the butter, stir it nicely, spread it evenly in the pan, scrape it from the pan and then flip it over like a professional. The set also contains a putty knife with an angled tip, just the perfect feature to cut sharp. 

How is it different from the others?

You must have noticed that most spatulas and jets are u able to reach every corner of the pan and hence when transferring the food from the pan to your plate or any other utensil, some amount of it gets wasted since you’re not able to take it off with the help of the spatula. 

The jet or spatula, we’re talking about, adds all the fun to transferring food from one utensil to another. It can easily reach every corner of the pan and hence can easily take off any food remaining in the corners of the pan. Its unique design makes it efficient enough to cover the entire circumference of the pan and thud makes cooking more fun. 

Another task it helps you accomplish with efficiency is taking the egg whites off the egg. 

Pros of buying the product:

  • The product comes as a complete set of utensils that includes 1 jet, a thin jet, a mini jet, and a slotted medium jet. This helps to accomplish cooking, making it easier than you thought. 
  • The utensils in the set are multipurpose and can replace almost every other utensil in your kitchen. 
  • One can easily get their hands on this product through the website
  • The set of products is very easy to use and can also be used for multiple purposes.
  • Each product is coated with antimicrobial material to protect it against any kinds of microbes that could have gotten transferred to your food otherwise. 
  • The products are very easy to clean and you do not need to put in much effort to take food off them.

Cons of buying the product:

Some red flags to consider before you buy the product are:

  • According to Buy Spurtle, the website does not have any customer reviews about the product, which leads to suspicion.
  •  The product has absolutely zilch branding and promotion on the social media platforms, which is not at all normal, given that we’re living in a digital era.
  • Buy Spurtle could find absolutely no mention about the product on other websites, except for the one that you can visit to buy it.


In this article, we have tried to review a product which is a set of 1 jet, a thin jet, a mini jet, and a slotted medium jet. These utensils can easily replace all the other utensils in your kitchen and can make your life easier than you thought. Cooking becomes easier and a therapy to practice, once you get these in your house.

These utensils are multipurpose and are covered with an antimicrobial material that protects them against any kind of microbes that could have grown on them and caused an infection. Also, it is very easy to clean these utensils, without using many products. 

There are a few things to consider before buying the product such as the website that sells these, does not have even a single customer review available in these. Also, according to Buy Spurtle, there is absolutely no branding or product promotion available for it. No other website mentions the existence of this product except for the one on which you can buy it.


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