Many people are seriously attracted to superbikes, machines that are designed for racing, with track-level handling and all the horsepower you could ever need. There are small, medium and large capacity sports motorcycles and in this article, we will offer some information about the mid-range machine, which ranges from 300-650cc.

Yamaha TZM R3

The second smallest of the unique Yamaha R Series bikes, the R3 is a 300cc twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine bike that is ideal as a starter bike, or for someone who is small in stature.

The bike utilises MotoGP racing technology to bring you fantastic handling and a power band that is in keeping with bigger machines. You can find this machine at Wheels Motorcycles, one of the UK’s leading big bike dealerships that have a range of new and used bikes at affordable prices.

Yamaha TZM R6

The 4-cylinder, 4-stroke 600cc engine delivers impressive power to the back wheel and this thoroughbred is everything a racer would want, with ABS braking and aerodynamics that emerged from the Yamaha racing team, led for so many years by Valentino Rossi.

Yamaha TZM R6

Honda CBR-600F

The mid-range model of the Honda CBR racing stable, the 600F offers track-like performance from the 4-cylinder, 4-stroke 599cc engine, with 6 smooth gears for the ultimate in bike control. The 600R is another quick mid-range sports bike with a slightly more forward seating position to keep the centre of gravity low, which gives the bike great handling capacity.

Honda also do a CBR 300, which is a smaller version of the 600 and is popular with female riders due to its light weight. If you have never ridden a Honda, you should test ride one of their machines, as only then will you be in a position to compare with other brands. Here is our favourite list of car blogs, if you are into 4 wheels as well as two.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

This is Kawasaki’s mid-range sports machine, with a 399cc engine that delivers a whole heap of power to that 150/70-17 rear tyre. The machine uses ABS braking, with engine management technology that Kawasaki used on the track in 2020. Definitely a classy looking bike, with the famous Kawasaki green and a bike that will surely turn heads at the traffic lights.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS

Slightly more power makes the Ninja 650 ABS a lot more interesting and this thoroughbred version is very popular with veteran speed freaks. Lots of MotoGP tech went into this bike, making it one of Kawasaki’s favourite models, which holds its price well.

Suzuki GSXR 600

Another great mid-range superbike, the GSXR 600 is one of the leading models of mid-range sports bike with more than enough horsepower and the handling of a premier sports machine. If you are Suzuki fan, a Google search will help you to locate a local Suzuki dealership, where you can book a test ride.

So, the above four manufacturers offer the best models in the mid-range sports section and whether you prefer the superb handling of the Honda or the awesome speed of the Yamaha, there are reputable big bike dealers that offer low-interest loans. Of course, it isn’t an easy decision with so many great models available, and there’s nothing wrong with test riding them all over a period of weeks, then you can make a decision based on personal experience.

You should always test ride any bike you are thinking of buying and the dealership would be happy to book the test ride and if the bike feels right, then you can make an informed decision.

UK Driving Licence

To ride a medium or big bike in the United Kingdom, you need to obtain a Class A driving licence, which is a natural progression from the A1 and A2 licence, which is the provisional licence that a person can apply for when they reach the age of 17.

Regardless of the bike you choose, wearing the right protective gear is an absolute must; a decent quality full-face crash helmet of course, plus leather clothing to protect your skin, should you ever take a tumble.

Always remain focused when riding and never assume anything with regards to other road users and always ride with your headlights on, as this makes you more visible to other road users.


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