13 Secret Fashion Hacks That Celebrity Use We Promise You Never Know

If you scrupulously discern New York fashion models gracing prime Fashion magazine covers, you will get injected new styles every season. But this million-dollar industry is mostly influenced by celebrities and fashion divas whose one Instagram post takes social media on the storm.

Simultaneously, even the most glamorous celebrities get lambasted for their red carpet outfits and controversy-ridden blisters. That is why these influential fashion stars hit on some blister-busting crazy fashion hacks that you shouldn’t miss.

Secret Fashion Hacks from your favorite celebs are true saviours

13 Secret Fashion Hacks

  1. CBD oil – The best red carpet shoe hack

Stiletto wearers, who have to sit ideally in a long award show, usually ask this question to their seasoned stiletto with a smiling face, “Will you ever spare me?” Don’t worry! CBD oil, a great numbing agent, is perfect for the ball of your foot, the toe top, and heels. Just put this oil 5 minutes before you hug your uncomfy heels and get a long-lasting effect.

  1. A sponge removes super annoying deodorant marks

Super annoying deodorant marks can completely mess your statement on the vogue. Photographers usually wait to capture those white streaks to magnify some hot controversies. The famous creative director and stylist Abigail Collins shared the wonders of a sponge. Removing deodorant marks from your glamorous outfit has become a piece of cake.

  1. Hot tape trick for extra lift

Your favourite celeb Kim Kardashian made this viral gaffer tape trick famous through her Instagram story. The internet went into a spiral when fashionistas noticed how this tape pulled up the breasts while keeping the cleavage lewd and natural.

  1. Always go one size up

What can be the worst nightmare for a fashion buff than an uncomfortable shoe? Wearing a stylish but painful heel for a long period can often swell your feet up, and eventually, this swelling will end up with the long run bunions. That is why celebs plump for one size up or sometimes even two unabashedly to shun blisters.

  1. The magic of bar soap on your stuck zipper

How will you feel if you hit a seam and your zipper gets stuck suddenly? Stop yanking and put some bar soap on it. It will lubricate your zipper, and you can pull it easily up. In that case, keep in mind that a banana peel and wax are also considered serious rescuers. Jane Fonda did the same with her fancy gown.

  1. Does your fabric fit with bright flashes?

You may look like a style icon in normal light. But with bright flashes, your see-through fabric can make your outfit a revealing one. Dodge these oops moments by clicking a few pictures before heading towards the big event. Also, don’t forget to practice picture-perfect poses that create a glamorous red carpet look with any dress.

  1. Stuff the heel-toe with cotton

This tactic is quite common among celebrities, and Meghan Markle is not an exception. Along with wearing one size larger, stars always stuff their heel-toe with cotton. Sometimes they even use special stickers or banded to prevent blisters. So if you want to rock the party with your high heels, strive for this superior red carpet comfort trick.

  1. Lip balms smoothen hair flyaway

Who doesn’t know lip balms work great on lips? Duh! Do you know this lip stunner surprisingly tame your flyaway and smoothen your rogue hair beautifully? Flaunt your smooth locks with this amazing hair hack created by celebrity stylists.

  1. Sandpaper is inevitable for slip prevention

A bunch of photographers hunts for controversial situations on the red carpet event. That is why watching radiant and glamorous celebs falling on an event is jouissance for some people. But some quasars are fashionable and smart enough to fight shy of controversy. Can you believe that mere sandpaper on your shoe sole can help you to keep away from those ignominious slipups?

  1. Keep your makeup intact with a silk scarf cover

Is your makeup done? Are you trying to put on stunning white with your bright eye makeup? Don’t worry! Put your silk scarf over your face when you are ready to get into it and avert the crisis. This scarf savior will never mind getting dirty while preventing your eye makeup from rubbing on your glamorous outfit.

  1. Dull leather treatment with toothpaste

Our fondness for pearly white will never go out of trend. No, this time, we are not talking about your beautiful teeth. When celebs dished their favorite shoe hacks, we found how a tiny dollop of toothpaste can add a glamorous touch to your leather shoes. Take your kitchen towel and rub it slowly on chic leather and see the magic.

  1. Matching undergarment is inevitable

Matching comfortable underwear based on your skin tone makes your sheer outfit more polished, and you cannot ditch this style hack. Buy it from a coveted brand or a simple dollar store, but try to match it with your skin tone as much as possible. Seamless high-waisted classic nude bangs on with any see-through ensemble.

  1. Nipple covers retrieve the exact stiletto shape 

The moleskin of some fashionistas is sometimes too thick. So if you are striving to figure out what to do when the shoe is rubbing against your soft skin, you can try nipple covers. These thin rescuers are crafted from fabric and come with little paddings. Grab your scissors and cut them into exact shape to stride around in heels.

The magnificent aura of these fashion divas is irresistible. Sometimes they smartly emulate each other to become the next style icon. For example, Duchess of Sussex’s feet are seen shod in her heels, but the glamorous shoes of supermodel Cindy Crawford caught many eyes.

Even celebrities like Blake Lively, Amal Clooney, and Lady Gaga were seen striding around Meghan’s heels. So you can also espouse these supercool hacks and flaunt your femininity with style with brazen assurance.

Last modified: January 20, 2021