Are you still looking for any information regarding Rokka No Yuusha Season 2? If yes, then you are definitely on the right page! Here, we are going to talk about the details that we know so far if there is really going to be another season for Rokka No Yuusha.

About Rokka No Yuusha

It has already been several years after the twelve episodes of this series were completed. It may not be as popular as other animes, but Rokka No Yuusha still had a lot of people following its plot. This anime follows multiple characters called the Brave of the Six Flowers that go on a daring yet exciting quest to defeat the Demon God at the order of the Goddess of Fate. However, there is a twist – in reality, there are actually seven members, but one of them is a traitor and spy who works for the Demon God.

Just like most animes, Rokka No Yuusha is a film adaptation of a series of books, which were written by Ishio Yamagata. The first volume of the book was released to the public in 2011. So far, there have been six volumes, with the last one released in 2015. English translations became available in 2017 and 2018.

The story of this anime combines fantasy and mystery, which surely attracted a lot of viewers. After the 12th episode, people are now asking, “Is there going to be a season two?” and more importantly, “Will it ever be released?”

Rokka no Yuusha 1

What We Know so Far

A lot of fans have noticed that the first twelve episodes only cover the first three volumes of the novels. Therefore, it’s safe to think that since there are still a lot of stories to cover, Rokka No Yuusha should be renewed for more seasons, right? 

Sadly, it is not that simple and there is still no sign that this anime is going to have a season two. The production company, Passione, has not yet released any updates, announcements, or even hints that Rokka No Yuusha will have another season. What’s more, the company has not even confirmed if the show is canceled or not. 

So, then again, Rokka No Yuusha leaves us hanging again. But, given the circumstances, we can assume that this show is suspended unconditionally. Hopefully, the management will release news and updates for any progress.

The reason for this might be because it did not sell well. Even though it was famous in several western countries, this anime is not in-demand in Japan. The management may still review and do a lot of thinking of whether or not we are going to get a season two of Rokka No Yuusha. Even if there will be another season, we will surely wait for a long time.

Is There Really a Trailer of Rokka No Yuusha Season 2?

As there is still no update or announcement, there is no official trailer for Rokka No Yuusha Season 2. You may have seen fan-made videos, which may confuse you. The videos you see may be a compilation of clips from the previous episodes. Again, there is no trailer yet and there is still no indication that the show will be renewed for another season.

Rumors Regarding Rokka No Yuusha

A lot of people can no longer wait and contain their excitement. This has resulted to rumors surfacing. We cannot confirm nor deny these things but we are going to share them here anyway. It is believed that the company behind Rokka No Yuusha still plans to release two more seasons to complete the story. 

As mentioned, the first season only covers the first three volumes of the novels. Since there are six, the three remaining will be divided into two seasons. But take note, this is not confirmed yet and this is only based on hearsay. 

How to Help Get a Second Season

Are you also deeply wishing that there will be a second season? Then, welcome to the club! You may also be asking what most of us are asking – what can we do to help Rokka No Yuusha? 

There isn’t much we can do but we can make it more popular by watching it again and recommending it to your friends, family, and other people! Join online forums and participate in discussions. This way, we can make the show trending again and appear more often in social media platforms and Google search results. If it becomes more popular, then there might be a chance that the management will consider making another season.


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