Most of us are spending all of our time at home these days. As a result, you’re much more likely to look around your space and find yourself dissatisfied by its appearance. It might feel outdated, shabby, or even oppressive. 

Still, not everybody can afford a full-blown redecoration whenever they find themselves not 100% happy with their home.

If your funds don’t match your motivation, you’ll have to skip the massive projects such as floor remodeling and changing the lighting setup. 

Luckily, as UMoveFree suggests, there are still interior updates that can make a world of difference without costing a fortune or even requiring too much commitment. Let’s take a look at some budget-friendly ways to breathe life back into your home. 

DIY Projects

If you have free time on your hands, taking up a DIY project is a fantastic way to learn a new skill and refresh your interior. Such projects’ scope depends only on your skills, free time, and energy, but the following can do wonders for dull spaces.

Paint the Walls

Whether you touch up the existing paint, add an accent in a bold color, or go crazy and repaint an entire room, a fresh coat instantly revitalizes bland walls.

You could first do an entire room in simple white, turning it into a blank canvas. Then, add a few accents using your favorite hues to renew the whole place and add creativity points. You could even get your kids involved!

Paint the Walls

Spruce Up Your Furniture

If there are many wooden pieces of furniture around your house, a fresh coat of paint can make them look as good as new. 

Adventurous spirits could paint the chairs and tables a modern, bold color, making them unrecognizable. On the other hand, the cautious ones could add a fresh glossy finish to their woodwork and still reap the benefits of brand-new-looking furniture.

Tip: If you don’t feel bold enough to paint entire cabinets or closets, update the handles and drawers. It’ll still make a difference and might give you a boost of confidence to handle the rest.

Assemble It Yourself

If your budget is a bit looser, you could order some furniture online and take up the task of assembling it by yourself.

You don’t need to replace every item in a room to make it seem fresh, either. For example, new nightstands can upgrade a bedroom even if everything else remains the same. Introducing American style kitchen cabinets on a blank wall helps with storage and decluttering while making you feel like you just redecorated.

Tip: If you decide to order furniture pieces for assembly, do the prep work while waiting for your order. That way, once they arrive, you won’t get stuck in a melancholy cycle of overwhelm and buyers’ remorse. 

Add Some Details

If you don’t have enough time to roll up your sleeves and take up a full-blown project, you could revive monotonous rooms with vivid details and accessories. Before you visit a dollar store or an online marketplace, though, there’s a way to make this idea much more effective.

Most often, when you live in a place for a long time, you gather clutter. Adding more won’t do the trick, even if it’s the prettiest rug you’ve ever seen. 

So, take a day to get rid of all the accessories that no longer make you happy, keeping only the items you’re attached to sentimentally or aesthetically.

Add Some Details

Change the Display

You’ll likely find many books, paintings, cushions, and memorabilia too significant to toss away – and you shouldn’t. Those are memories and what makes houses feel like homes. 

Sometimes, it’s all about how you display what you already own. 

For example, you might run into a book collection stuck in a drawer. Clear up space on a shelf for it. Add a plant or two and some framed photos for a personal touch. Such a change can make a massive difference and not cost a penny.

Purchase New Accessories

Once you throw away unnecessary accessories and handle the display, your interior might seem uninspiring or downright bare. You can fix this issue without breaking the bank by introducing new items deliberately and with a clear purpose.

For example, artwork on the walls makes the room seem ten times more stylish in an instant. You can purchase cheap paintings or frame photographs you love. Hanging fairy lights, maps, and posters can also do the trick, especially in more intimate rooms.

Thick rugs make wooden floors look fancy and feel much more comfortable. If you own neutrally-colored furniture, don’t be afraid of going thick and luxurious.

If you find yourself stuck with too much clutter, boxes, bowls, trays, and baskets are your best friend.

Purchase New Accessories

Refresh With Plants

Lastly, why not take up gardening? It’s a hobby best known for making people more serene and helping them de-stress, and it also breathes life into your rooms – quite literally. If you’re stuck indoors all day, why not bring a bit of nature inside your home?

Don’t underestimate how much of a difference having plants can make in your daily living space. The question isn’t whether you should include a pot or vase in your house, but only which plants you should get. 

To answer it, consider how much you’ll get invested in your new hobby. 

Refresh With Plants

If you’re not a green thumb type of person, purchase some succulents or go for a simple task – for example, grow lemon mint. On the other side of the spectrum, you could take up the challenge of growing the notoriously demanding Azaleas or Germania. 

Whichever way you go, plants are a go-to detail that makes homes feel fresh, alive, and welcoming.

The Bottom Line

Overall, redecorating your living space while sticking to a budget is quite possible, as long as you employ your imagination. Take up one of these suggestions next weekend – paint a wall, buy a plant, or declutter your shelves. You’ll already feel better in your home.


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