Before hiring a moving company, it is only but necessary that you ask questions. Some skip the asking question part since they think that when they ask questions, they will already be liable for hiring them. It is actually not the case as asking questions is your right as the customer. 

But, when asking questions, you have to keep in mind that you only need to ask questions that are relevant to the services they offer. If you go beyond that, you are going against professionalism already, hence best to ask questions that are only relevant with their service to also avoid wasting your time and theirs too. 

There are a lot of questions you need to ask ensuring that you can get exactly the kind of service that you need. If you are clueless on where to start, here are some of the categories and questions to ask on each:

Ask A Moving Company


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing movers to hire. Their charges matter a lot especially that you want to compare one moving company to another. 

Of course, when considering this criterion, you have to make sure that you are putting the quality of their service on top of your priority. 

To help you get started, here are a few questions to ask about charges:

  • When do I need to settle my payment in full?

This is important especially if you are working on a budget. You may want to know when do they require full payment to be settled and also, the payment method you can use. 

If you do not have money upfront, asking if you can use credit card to settle your bill is a good idea. Most of the time though, moving companies allow credit or debit card payment, but asking is still recommended.

  • What is included in the charges?

What all is included in their charges? Does that include everything you need to pay at the end of their service. Let them know that you do not like hidden charges as that may lead you to not paying for their service. 

You have to make sure that everything you need is included in their quotation or else, you might end up paying more than what you thought you need to pay. 

  • Can you offer me discounts?

They may claim that they have fixed rates, but needless to say, asking for possible discounts can still be considered. But when you ask, do not expect an answer favorable on your end as the company has the right to decline for discounts.


Availability is also important to discuss when hiring NYC movers. Of course, you would not want to end up on the phone with a moving company for a long time only to find out in the end that they are not available to render you the service at the time you need.

Under availability, here are a few questions that you may like to ask:

  • Are you available on my chosen dates?

Make sure that the moving company you are speaking to right now is available to provide you the moving service on the date you need them to. Most popular moving companies’ schedules are full even a month in advance, hence if you are planning to hire them, make sure to reserve your slot as early as possible.   

  • Can you service my location?

Are they available to service your location? Just so you know, not all moving companies are allowed to service different states, hence to make sure that they can cater your geographic needs, ask them immediately. 


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