Written by: LIFESTYLE

On Another Earth, Justice Is Reborn

In May 2020, while concerned citizens all over the world grappled with pandemic emergencies, entered a lockdown, and wondered what “new normal” might emerge from all this, a hero emerged. Stargirl occupies another timeline in a DC universe of infinite Earths, yet she could be the hero we need right now, too.

Stargirl’s Origins

DC’s “Stargirl” is based on a 1999 DC comic “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.,” written by Geoff Johns, executive producer of the new TV series. The origins of Stargirl are rooted deep in DC lore, as she inherited a powerful Cosmic Staff, as well as a skilled mechanic sidekick, from long-lost DC hero Starman.


Though it isn’t mentioned in the series, DC fans will recognize the story of Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (played by Brec Bassinger) as being part of Earth 2’s timeline. In this version of Earth, the Justice Society of America has been eclipsed by the Injustice Society of America, with the JSA’s heroes all defeated, lost, or scattered. As Courtney steps into the role of Stargirl, she realizes that she must find a new team of heroes to take up the mantle of the old JSA and defeat the villains of the ISA.

Along the way she gains the support of her stepfather Pat Dugan (played by Luke Wilson,) who helps the team as the pilot of a giant robot mech suit (this fact alone being reason enough to watch the show!)

Getting the Gang Back Together

Johns, who wrote Stargirl, has a knack for breathing new life into characters and storylines that have been gathering dust since the first golden age of comics. In addition to the characters reborn in season 1 of “Stargirl,” several DC heroes and villains will play a role in the show’s second season. The original Flash/Jay Garrick (played by John Wesley Shipp) will join the reformed Justice Society, to the delight of comics fans who wondered what had become of the speedy hero.

As it always seems to happen, heroes rise when the need is great – which means that evil is rising, too. The cast of season 2 (and beyond, hopefully) will include several villains awakened from DC lore, including the much-anticipated return of Eclipso. Eclipso, initially a minor character when he first appeared in the 1960s, has reappeared throughout DC lore since then as a primal demon of vengeance and chaos. His ability to possess and control the minds of beings as incorruptible as Wonder Woman and Superman makes him a powerful and dangerous adversary.

Back on Earth Prime

Here on Earth Prime (to put our world into the infinite timelines of DC’s universe,) season 2 of “Stargirl” is currently filming and set to release in summer 2021. While he continues to develop the series, executive producer Johns is once again writing a new comic, “Geiger,” an independent comic to be published by Image Comics.

There is already speculation about “Stargirl” continuing for a third season. Earth Prime could use a good hero story, and Stargirl delivers. Stargirl’s story is available for streaming on The CW.