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How to Be a Better Gamer: 12 Gaming Tips All Newbies Should Know

Are you new to gaming?

Whether you prefer online games or hardcore PC titles, your gaming performance is going to make or break your career. You could rise from a novice and become tomorrow’s next big Twitch streamer.

The good news is you don’t have to look high and low for useful gaming tips.

We’ve got your back. Take a moment to check out our 12 tips below and strive to become the best gamer there is:

1. Have the Right Gear

If you play using consoles, you’re almost set from the get-go. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 5 already come equipped with most of what you need. You’ll still need to invest in things like the proper recording gear, mic, and camera.

Do you focus on PC gaming? You’ll want to check out professional gaming laptop tips to ensure your setup is up to par. For example, you’ll want to make sure you have a processor and video card capable of gaming in 4K resolution or to enable ray tracing?

For people who want to stream or record their games for YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or Twitch, you’ll need to invest in some software too. You’ll need video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. You’ll need a tool like OBS to help organize all your windows and live content.

2. Stay Updated

Playing retro games is fine and all but if you want to become a pro, you’ll need to stay updated. Your audience will want to see you tackle the latest video game releases.

This does mean you’ll have to finish games much faster than usual. If it takes you 60 hours to finish a Japanese RPG, you’ll need to dedicate a week to finish it quickly. This will free your schedule to move on to the next big release.

How to Be a Better Gamer

3. Play Regularly

One of the most important tips for gaming YouTubers is to keep your channel alive.

You always need new content. Otherwise, the YouTube algorithm might push you further down the pipeline. Fewer people will discover your content if this keeps happening.

Play even when you’re not online and streaming. This guarantees you get better at games, especially online titles like Fortnite or League of Legends.

4. Diversify Your Library

Are you a fan of FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield V? Do you prefer Action RPGs like Diablo III or Minecraft Dungeons?

It’s okay to have a preference and to focus your gaming content around the genre you like. You’ll be able to build an audience around your preference. People will identify you as an expert or authority for those types of games.

However, you also need to diversify your library.

Say, for example, your videos focus more on racing games, do an occasional dip in farming simulator games. Have a video here or there playing Stardew Valley or the latest Story of Seasons to keep your regular content feeling fresh and new.

5. Get Online

Yes, as a gamer, you’ll want to spend the majority of your time playing. However, you’ll also need to get online and stay active in social media circles. Have an active Twitter account, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Take time to research too.

Read articles about upcoming games. Stay updated with gaming news and rumors. Don’t hesitate to go on Reddit and discuss game theories or rumors with other people.

If you struggle with a particular game, get online and look up guides. You can watch someone play or you can hunt down a written walkthrough. Don’t ignore these helpful tools, especially if you want to unlock a hidden ending in a game or if you want to complete it 100%.

6. Play on Everything

Are most of your games on the Sony Playstation? That can become your forte but don’t limit yourself to that platform. Remember that other platforms have exclusive titles and you’ll miss out if you don’t venture beyond your preferred system.

For example, you’ll miss out on the latest Legend of Zelda and Mario games if you don’t try out the Nintendo Switch. You won’t be able to play games like World of Warcraft or Half-Life Black Mesa if you don’t try out PC games.

Not sure where to start with PC gaming? You can look for high-quality gaming laptops at For consoles, you’ll want to look at the big three: the Playstation 5, the Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series X.

7. Build a Community

If you want to become a better gamer, it’s important to build a community. You’ll want to interact with the people you play with. Take some time to talk to people who comment on your videos or who follow you on social media.

Building a community guarantees you’ll earn. There will always be people watching your content. They may invite others to watch too.

This is also why a lot of professional YouTubers sell merchandise or operate a Super Chat. Many gamers on YouTube or Twitch take time to highlight fan art and upload videos showcasing the many gifts sent by their viewers.

8. Go Outside

Gaming isn’t all about staying in front of a TV or PC. You have to live a regular life too. Take some time to go outside and live a normal life.

Socialize with others.

If gaming becomes your full-time job, make it a point to see friends or hang out with relatives. Sometimes, staying away from games can help since this balances your priorities and social life. Avoid falling into the depths of video game addiction.

Of course, you might not have all the time to go out regularly. Know your schedule and see what you can squeeze in, even if it’s a quick trip to the gym or a friend’s house.

9. Watch Your Replays

To become a better gamer, you need to identify your weaknesses and strengths. Discovering the latter is a lot easier than the former. You’ll see your achievements rack up and you can use these as a basis.

However, to spot your problems, it’s a good idea to review yourself. Go back and watch your videos and see where you made mistakes. Look for repeating issues and see if you can improve on those areas.

Still not sure where you keep going wrong? Follow some of our previous tips and ask the community. Your viewers or co-players might be able to help.

10. Watch the Pros

Another way to improve your gaming skills is to watch the professionals. Check out people known for a specific genre.

Ninja, for example, became popular for his skills in Fortnite. You’ll want to review his videos to pick up important tips and tricks. You’ll want to check out channels like PC Centric for updated PC gaming tips and tech news.

For some extreme tips, you’ll want to watch speedruns of your favorite games. People who speedrun master video games to such a level that they can finish them in record time. You could pick up useful character builds or secrets to improve your playthroughs.

11. Stay Fit and Healthy

You can’t be a good gamer if you don’t manage your health. It’s important to stay fit and healthy if you want to be able to continue gaming. How can you play for long hours if you’re sick and weak, after all?

Again, you’ll want to avoid video game addiction. At the same time, it’s important to stay fit so you can keep up with the busy schedule and lifestyle of a pro gamer. Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep.

If you happen to suffer from mental or emotional issues, don’t hesitate to see a psychiatrist. Yes, the medications might interfere with your gaming life but at the end of the day, you need to prioritize your health.

12. Follow a Schedule

If you want to become an expert gamer or a streamer, you need to follow a strict schedule. This ensures you get enough time to play but at the same time still leave time to socialize, exercise, and spend time away from gadgets. It’s one of the most crucial gaming tips that a lot of people forget.

Following a schedule will also help you build a following on Twitch or YouTube. People will flock to your channel if they know you’re consistent with your schedule. Advertise your schedule so people have something to look forward to. See more:

Follow These Gaming Tips Today

It’s not impossible to go from a novice gamer into an expert with thousands of followers on Twitch and YouTube. Follow these gaming tips and always aim to improve your skills. At the same time, don’t ignore your health, and don’t forget to step away from games to socialize.

Of course, these aren’t the only tips and tricks to follow. If you want even more tech and gaming advice, we suggest going through more of our posts today. Discover in-depth guides to build the best gaming PC or how to set up your gaming channel today!

Last modified: April 12, 2021