When it comes to quality entertainment, South Korean television dramas are very engaging in terms of story plots and portrayal of characters by talented casts. One such example is Move to Heaven. It is based upon an ex-trauma cleaner Kim Sae-byul’s essay ‘’Things Left Behind’’. 

If you are an avid watcher of South Korean dramas, then you must have noticed that they mostly emphasize romance. It is the most usual genre liked by Korean fans. But Move to Heaven is a different concept and away from usual romantic drama shows. This Korean drama highlights serious subjects – death, life, and sorrow. 

The Korean series showcases the story of two men who work as trauma cleaners. The story revolves around Geu-ru, a young trauma cleaner suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. He is accompanied by Sang-gu, his uncle doing the same work. Now usually the term ‘trauma cleaners’ is understood as cleaning up the crime scene. But it has a different meaning in Move to Heaven. 

In this Korean drama series, the trauma cleaners are those who have a job to clean up and pay attention to the messages and possessions of the ones who have left the mortal coil. Kim Sung Ho, the director of this Korean series revealed it during an online press conference with Asia-Pacific media members.

Move to Heaven comes up with a heartwarming storyline and is a must-watch for Korean fans. If you too are a fan of Korean shows, then it’s time to switch off from the usual romantic dramas that you have been watching till now. The credit of curating a standout concept goes to Yoon Ji-ryeon, the creator of the show. 

This Korean series has gained worldwide viewership from its first season. And now there is much curiosity for the second installment of Move to Heaven. If you are one of the fans waiting for the second season, then today we will let you know about it in this article. So read it till the end. 

Show Details 

Web film series: Move to Heaven
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Kim Sung-ho
Written by: Yoon Ji-ryeon
Place: South Korea
Star cast: Lee Je-hoon, Tang Joon-sang, Lee Jae-wook, Ji Jin-hee, Hong Seung-hee
Original language: Korean
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 10

Move to Heaven season 2 Release Date

Expected story plot of Move to Heaven season 2

The first season of Move to Heaven starts with Geu Ru asking his uncle Sang Gu to become his guardian to which he accepts for financial gain. Till the time it reaches its conclusive end, it shows the development of the emotional feelings between the nephew and his uncle. Now Sang Gu does not have any other motive to focus upon. 

There comes a time when he risks his life joining the shady boxing ring with a motive to get back his house deed. It showcases Sang Gu being completely devoted to his nephew Geu Ru. By the end, viewers come to know that Joo Young is getting exposed by police for his involvement in the unlawful gambling ring. Before he could be nabbed, he manages to escape. 

Now coming to the expected story plot of Move to Heaven second season, we might see Joo Young come back as a villain and take revenge on the uncle-nephew duo, as he considers them as responsible for his downfall in the gambling ring. Once again referring to the first season, it showed Ge Ru’s struggle with his Asperger syndrome and further development of his character. 

In season 2, viewers might have to see a new side of Geu Ru, who is going to face a new challenge from his foes. There is one character named Na-mu who is the best friend and neighbor of Ge Ru. He has a soft side for the latter. In the upcoming season, we will see the development of their bonding. There would be conflicts coming out from their romance, which is something that every viewer will be interested to watch. 

A brief overview of actors

After knowing the summary of the first season, let us have a brief overview of the actors and what role they are playing in the South Korean drama Move to Heaven. 

Tang Joon-sang

Tang Joon-sang is a talented Korean actor born in 2003 on 13th August. He plays the mainstream role of Geu Ru, who works as a trauma cleaner and is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tang Joon has worked in films including A Melody to Remember, Birthday, Arrival, and the latest in 2021 Unframed – Blue Happiness. Besides films, he has made appearances in other television shows including Pluto Secret Order, A Poem a Day, My Grandmother, and Racket Boys

Lee Je-hoon

Lee Je-hoon is a Korean actor born in 1984 on 4th July. He plays the role of Sang-gu, the uncle of Geu Ru, his nephew. Lee Je began his career with Indie films then entered into commercial films like They Live By Night, Holy Vacation, The Servant, A Dog Came Into My Flash, Ghost Sweepers, My Paparotti, Time To Hunt, and Unframed- Blue Happiness. He is also active in television series including Three Sisters, Signal, Where Stars Land, Hot Stove League, and Taxi Driver. Other than Move To Heaven, Lee Je-hoon is also a part of the star cast in another web series Floor

Hong Seung-hee

Hong Seung-hee is an actress from South Korea born in 1997 on August 19. She plays the character of Na-Mu, the best friend and neighbor of Geu Ru. Apart from Move To Heaven, Hong Seung has made appearances in another web series Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong. She has also been a star cast of television series including Just Dance, I Wanna Hear Your Song, Leverage, and Navillera. She was also seen in the movie Pawn, where she played the role of Seung-gi. 

When to expect season 2 of Move to Heaven?

It is often noticed that most Korean dramas wind up in the first season, and do not sustain for the new season. There are only a few shows that are open for the next season. Well, there is a good reason to cheer up as there is the expectation of a second season of Move to Heaven. If it happens, then we might see the conflicts arousing in the relationship between Geu Ru and Na Mu. The second season of Korean drama is expected to be greenlit by the next year 2022.


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