If comedy films seem more exciting, then you must have enjoyed watching Daddy’s Home. It was an American comedy film that came six years ago. Sean Anders did the direction of the film and was also behind the screenplay with other two members – John Morris and Brian Burns. The film comes up with a fabulous concept showcasing a stepfather who is very mild but struggles to get the attention of his wife’s kids after the return of their biological dad. 

The actors who played the role of stepdad and biological father were Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Before they made a comeback again in ‘Daddy’s Home 2’, in 2017 on 10th November. It was the sequel to the first film of the same name. Both Ferrell and Mark were seen together in The Other Guys, a buddy cop action movie that was released in 2015. This live-action flick proved a superhit, with the highest-grossing around $242 million all around the world. 

Both the first and second parts of Daddy’s Home have been a success at the box office. Both the films have received a good response from the audience. Hence it might be possible to expect the third sequel of Daddy’s Home in the coming years. According to the actor Mark Wahlberg, he is satisfied working with Sean Anders, in his films one in Instant Family and both the films of Daddy’s Home

He also mentioned that if it becomes possible to join Anders once again for the third sequel of Daddy’s Home, then he would surely love to join him. Although no official confirmation about the third film has come yet, still, let us find out whether it is going to happen or not. 

Show Details 

Web film series: Daddy’s Home
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Sean Anders
Screenplay by: Brian Burns, Sean Anders, & John Morris
Place: United States
Star cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini
Original language: English
Releases: 2 (25-12-2015 and 10-11-2017)
Third sequel: Awaited

Daddy’s Home 3 Release Date

Expected story plot of Daddy’s Home 3?

Till now there have been two movie releases of Daddy’s Home. The foremost came in 2015 on 25th December, and the sequel came in 2017 on 11th November. So now if we hope for the threequel then as of now there is no confirmation about its release. However, when asked about the prospects of the sequel, the film director Sean Anders, answered jokingly saying it would be a leap of twenty years when both Will and Mark will make a reunion of bad-tempered old men. One of the kids would also get married. 

Well, the easier it is presumed, the more effort it would take for the makers to turn Wahlberg and Ferrell into grumpy old men. But now it is all possible via digital aging techniques. Hence there is no need to wait for 20 years when the technique is available. Sean further mentions that the film unit itself does not have any prior information about when to proceed with the third sequel other than estimations from actors, publishers, and the film director. 

To guess the story plot of Daddy’s Home 3 it would take the Whitaker family moving forward from the prequels where it showed constant brewing competition between Wahlberg and Ferrell to prove their worth in being the best dad to the family. And in the second sequel of the comedy film, showed both the fathers joined by their dads on Christmas. 

Main storyline

If you have not watched both parts of Daddy’s Home, let us brief you about the main story plot of this American comedy film. The story begins with Brad Whitetaker, a radio executive. He is very mild by nature but makes a lot of efforts to set an example of an ideal stepfather to Dylan and Megan, the two kids of his wife Sara. 

Some years ago, Brad met with an accident that caused serious injury to his cojones. The incident makes him infertile. However, he still receives so much affection from his kids. Megan asks him to accompany her to school to participate in father/daughter dance, Dylan takes shelter in him to feel secure from older school bullies. 

Entrance of ex-husband

But there comes a surprise twist during one night. Sara gets shocked when she gets a call from her ex-husband and biological father of Dylan and Megan Dusty Mayron. He soon becomes familiar with Sara’s second marriage with Brad. Dusty declares about his visit on the next day. After knowing this Sara becomes perplexed, hesitating to allow him into the house. But Brad makes her feel comfortable and tells her to make her children know the truth about their real father. And thus he is a step-father who establishes a humble bonding. 

After the arrival at the house, Dusty instantly starts confronting Brad with his tough physical stature and expresses fatherly love to his daughter Megan and son Dylan. Brad gets into conversation with Dusty allowing him to stay even though Sara cleared him about his reality. And this becomes the opportunity for Dusty to drive Brad from the lives of his children and wife Sara. This would make him reconcile with his family. And he does all the stuff like getting a pet dog for his kids and completing the treehouse task which was in process by Brad. Dusty leaves no opportunity in showing racism towards Brad.

Besides this, Dusty plots a plan in demeaning Brad. He takes his wife and him to a fertility doctor, expecting the failure of Brad in making his wife pregnant. He thinks that his impotency would be an added advantage for him to come close to Sara. But later on, the sperm count of Brad starts showing positive results, and this ignites the hope for him to become a father and have the child with Sara. To know what happens next, please watch the prequel of Daddy’s Home if you haven’t watched it. 

When to expect the Daddy’s Home 3?

Daddy’s Home 3 was expected to release in 2021, but now the year is going to bid farewell. So right now there is no official information about the third sequel of the latter American comedy film. Well, we can expect it by early 2022. It is not sure whether Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell would reprise their roles of Brad and Dusty in the new third sequel. If not, there are names of actors Mel Gibson and John Cena to be chosen for these roles.


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