You probably experienced scanning your files and finding a missing page or two. By the time you realize this, the scanned document is already in your hands. You would end up stressing over the fact that you will have to re-do the entire scanning of your file. Imagine if you have more than thirty pages of the document to scan. You will probably have to do it one by one to merge them into a single file once again. However, with modern technology, you can skip this laborious task of scanning your files individually to compile them in a single PDF file.

The emergence of web-based tools has paved the way for easy access to different online tools that people in school and at work commonly use. These various online tools made life more comfortable as it slowly took over the usual manual process, especially involving handling files such as PDFs. Hence, your dilemma of needing an online merger has a solution.

PDF Bear is a web-based tool ideal for providing you with an online PDF merger for free. Yes, you read it right. This online tool is accessible to you for free. It will genuinely cost you nothing upon using it.

Merge PDF Free

Handling your PDF files should not be a hassle. With PDF Bear, you can surely trust that you will manage your files with ease. Additionally, it offers a wide range of features that allow you to select which of them will best fit your looking.

If you want to find the most convenient PDF merger online, go for PDF Bear. Not only will you be able to merge PDF free of charge, but you can also use the other features to make your PDF more presentable and professional looking.

Do not worry if it is your first time trying out PDF Bear. There are easy to follow aids in the app, which is available for all of its features, making it user-friendly.

Merging your files in PDF Bear is easy. The first thing you would need is, of course, the files that you want to combine. Then you will have to upload it in the web-based tool. Next will be a little waiting process. After a few minutes, your file will be readily available for you to either download and save or send to particular recipients.

Another take away upon using this web-based tool to merge your files is that it is for free. At anywhere and at any time, PDF Bear is within your reach. Also, you do not need to pre-register to avail of its access.

Reliable Online Platform

Of course, you will be able to find so many other online platforms that will offer to merge your files as well. So, why choose the PDF Bea app? PDF Bear guarantees quality and safety to its users. With this online tool, you will have the best quality result upon allowing your files to undergo the processes available in PDF Bear.

Moreover, PDF Bear assures you of your safety. The files that you upload might contain confidential matters. PDF Bear values your need for privacy. The files that you upload are viewable by only you. Also, its system erases any trace of it after sixty minutes.

PDF Bear And Its Other Features

You have been reading about PDF Bear not only to merge your files to create a single PDF file but also to avail of the other features that it offers. Below is a summary of some of the other features found in PDF Bear.

  • Split – it is only necessary that when you can combine individual files, you should split them too. This feature is ideal for you to extract a page or two or if you wish to split your files into individual pages.
  • Convert – this feature is probably a more familiar feature of PDF Bear. When you need to convert your document with another format to a PDF one, this feature is available for you to address such.
  • Lock and Unlock – with PDF Bear, you can easily have your files protected by a password, or if the encryption is already in place, you can use PDF Bear to unlock it too.

Hence, for whatever purpose it may serve you, PDF Bear is readily available to help you accomplish such a task efficiently.


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