Have you tried reading a book without a page number? You will notice that most text materials that contain several pages usually have numbers on the bottom right or bottom left corner for every page. School books and research papers contain a table of contents found in the first part of the reading material.

The table of contents lists all relevant topics included in a file, and beside it are the page numbers where the particular content is. Page numbers allow you to browse the reading material you have quickly. Its primary purpose is to direct you to the specific subject you wish to find.

Are you a constant reader? Or an author? Then you would know how vital a page number is. Or, for some reason, you are at work, and your boss asks you to add page numbers to a specific PDF file, and he needs it as soon as possible.

You might have a school project or assignment that you need to submit in PDF format and include page numbers. However, you scratch your head and wonder how you would add page numbers to your files? PDF Bear can help you address that concern.

Add Page Numbers To PDF

Imagine printing a file without page numbers. Trying to find which comes first becomes a hassle. Additionally, it is easy for you to misplace a page, hence altering the file’s correct sequence. Knowing the importance of page numbers, PDF Bear offers you the capacity to add them to your PDF files for free.

PDF Bear is a web-based tool that guarantees your privacy and safety upon usage. It also offers several features which you may find helpful later on. With PDF Bear, you can add page numbers with ease. If you do not know how to add page numbers to PDF files, below is a simple guide which you can follow:

  1. Of course, to start, you will have to select the PDF file to which you need to add page numbers. You can choose to upload it to drag and drop it on the online tool. You will have to wait for a few seconds until your file gets fully uploaded.
  2. Once you accomplished that, you will have the chance to select the position you wish the page number will appear.
  3. Then, after selecting, you can click “Number pages,” and PDF Bear will take care of the task of adding page numbers to your PDF file.
  4. Your file is good to go. Whether you save it or send it directly, PDF Bear is there to provide you with the necessary service you need.

With PDF Bear, you can easily add number pages to your files, thus, saving you the hassle of manually doing it.

PDF Bear Guarantees Your Safety

The internet is not safe from bad people who want to use the various information they can gather from a person. Therefore, it is customary to fear when using an online platform to process a file that may or may not contain confidential data that should be for the owner’s eyes and the people he or she shares the file with. The good news is, you can trust that PDF Bear can offer you safety and security upon using it.

Additionally, PDF Bear is accessible for free. The application will not prompt you to add an email address or make an account to use its available tools. It is there for your convenience.

PDF Bear For All

For whatever purpose it may serve you, PDF Bear is the ideal tool that can help you manage your PDF files. If you need a converting means to change your files’ format, PDF Bear has that feature, which you can easily access in the app. Also, it comes with an easy to follow guide, allowing you to explore the online tool by yourself.

If you need to split or merge any file or files, PDF Bear is also there. Additionally, you can also lock and unlock your files; adding and removing the encryptions is a breeze with PDF Bear. Moreover, it is free and does not require any specific browser or operating system. You can access it whenever and wherever you may be. Hence, with PDF Bear, you have a versatile PDF tool available for you twenty-four seven.


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