There have been many fans of manga anime shows around the world. With stupendous crafting of storyline and characters, Japanese anime shows indeed are worth watching. Be it any genre, these shows excel in all. Now if you are fond of romantic drama, then Masamune Kun No Revenge must be on your top list. 

Like many other anime shows which are adaptations from the original manga series novels and comics, Masamune Kun no Revenge is also an adapted version of manga series of a similar name. The credit for the illustration and writing of this Japanese anime goes to Tiv and Hazuki Takeoka. The first publishing of this manga series took place in 2012 on 27th October. After six years on 27th June, the final volume of this manga got published. 

Witnessing the rising fame of this manga comic, Ichijinsha, the publisher announced its anime TV series version. And so the production of Masamune Kun No Revenge was done by Japanese animation studio Silver Link and Mirai Minato took the task of direction. The anime television adaptation was based upon the scripting by Kento Shimoyama and Michiko Yokote. 

Whereas Yuki Sawairi, Toshiki Kameyama, and Lantis are the ones behind the character designing, sound direction, and music. The opening theme of Masamune Kun No Revenge titled ‘ Wagamama Mirror Heart’ was done by Ayaka Ohashi. The premiere of the first season took place in 2017 January and was received well by the fans of the manga series and gained new viewership. 

Now since the first season has been over, fans are expecting the second season of Masamune Kun No Revenge. So let us find out when it is expected to hit the viewer’s screen. 

Show Details 

Anime series: Masamune Kun’s Revenge
Genre: Romantic comedy
Directed by: Mirai Minato
Written by: Michiko Yokote
Place: Japan
Music by: Tatsuya Kato
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 12 + OVA

Masamune Kun No Revenge season 2 release date

Story plot

The title of the anime show is enough to hint at the story plot. Yes, it is a revenge tale that takes place between a boy and a girl. Teenagers would love the series as it is presented humorously. The show is a teenage romance revolving around a boy whose name is Masamune. He gets fascinated by a girl named Aki Adagaki, a good-looking girl from an affluent family background. It all happens during childhood.

At that time, Masamune did not have a charming personality and was a chubby kid. Because of this, his proposal of love gets rejected by Aki, who even calls him ‘Piggy’. Feeling dejected after refusal, Masamune decides to hone his physical appearance and completely turn into a handsome lad. And it does happen, and he becomes the charmer of his school. But things take a swift turn when he gets admission to a high school where he would be meeting Aki, his childhood crush. 

Masamune later finds out that she is his classmate. And this was the opportunity he would not let slip from his hands. Since he was no longer a chubby ‘Piggy’ boy as termed by Aki, now he’s got a chance to exact the childhood revenge from her. And so Masamune starts planning to make her fall for him in love, and then break her heart at the right time. But things become more complex than he anticipated. 

No effect on Aki

It is not only Masamune who was termed ‘Piggy’ for his chubby physique during childhood. Aki was also famously termed the ‘Brutal Princess’. She was not among the girls who would get easily moved with emotions. Apart from being beautiful, Aki is a girl who is hard to catch. And it is seen when Masamune’s initial efforts to impress her do not work upon her. 

Befriending Yoshino to get close to Aki

Seeing no output of his efforts on Aki, Masamune is boiled with more feelings of revenge and is determined to not give up at any cost. His continuous efforts finally bring him closer to Yoshino Koiwai, classmate and attendant of Aki. Masamune cleverly tricks her to get him closer to his childhood crush. And so with the help of Yoshino, Masamune finally reaches his target in coming close to Aki. When it is the right time to exact revenge from her, Masamune takes a dip into thought, as to whether it is the right thing to do? 

Briefing two main characters

Masamune Makabe

Masamune is the central character on which the whole anime series is based. He is shown as once a little chubby boy who falls in love with a beautiful, rich girl named Aki. But due to his unpleasant appearance, he gets rejected by her. Feeling dejected, Masamune decides to transform himself into a handsome boy. And so it happens, he becomes the most good-looking boy with a charming personality in his high school. When he is transferred to another high school, he finds that his long childhood crush is his classmate. He plans to exact revenge and makes every effort to befriend her. 

Aki Adagaki

If Masamune is the male protagonist of the anime show, so is Aki Adagaki in the female lead. She plays his love interest. Aki is presented as a spoiled brat girl from an affluent background but is very beautiful. She rejects the proposal of Masamune during childhood days. She is shown as much dependent on her attendant and classmate Yoshino but does not show any respect for her. While watching the series, you will see the story from her point of view. According to her, it is Masamune who ditched her in making a false promise to be at her side. 

When to expect the second season of Masamune Kun No Revenge?

The premiere of Masamune Kun No Revenge’s first season took place in 2017 on 5th January with 12 episodes. It reached its end in the same year on 23rd March. An OVA special episode was released in 2018 on 27th July. As for second season expectations, no official confirmation has come yet. It was supposed to be released in 2021, but now it seems possible in 2022.


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