Japanese anime shows appear more interesting to viewers with their engaging storyline and characters. One such example is Kuromukuro. It is a science-fiction series displaying humanoid vehicle characters. Now, this must have made you imagine the Transformers movie series which is also based on moving humanoid vehicles. Hence, you will certainly feel the same excitement by watching Kuromukuro. 

The production and direction of Kuromukuro have been done by P.A.Works and Tensai Okamura. The script of this science-fiction anime is written by Ryo Higaki, and Yuriko Ishii is credited for designing the characters. And music is given by Hiroaki Tsutsumi. The premiere of Kuromukuro took place six years ago on 7th April streaming on AT-X, until the rights were purchased by Netflix for worldwide streaming. 

Kurmukuro revolves around the main female character Yukina Shirahane and her young samurai. She is a student of Tateyama International High School. Whereas her companion Kennosuke hails from the Sengoku era. He has emerged again to the contemporary time inside a Cube, a strange human-made object. Both Yukina and her samurai combat Efi Dorge, an outer space force who intend for dominance on earth by grabbing the Pivot Stone pieces. Both get success in failing the mission of Efi Dorg with the help of moving humanoid vehicle Kurumukuro and UN Kurobe Laboratory defense forces. 

Till now there have been two seasons of Kuromukuro. Now the wait is for the release of the third season. So let us find out when it is going to stream on viewers’ screens in this article. 

Show Details 

Anime series: Kuromukuro
Genre: Science-fiction (Mecha)
Directed by: Tensai Okamura
Written by: Ryō Higaki
Place: Japan
Music by: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 26

Kuromukuro season 3 release date

Story plot

More than 400 years ago to the present, an outer space force named Efi Dorg invaded earth. People during the reign of Sengoku in Japan labeled their humanoid robotic machines and drones as trolls. The Washiba Clan becomes the soft target of it, but two successors of this clan, Yukihime and Kennosuke, her samurai attendant, together combat the Efi Dorg forces with the help of a stolen mecha they renamed as Black Relic. But when the giant humanoid robot gets trapped during the explosion of enemy forces, Yukina is nowhere to be seen. 

After a long decade, Black Relic was discovered near Kurobe Dam during construction. In the contemporary era, UN Kurobe Laboratory does the research work on it, when extraterrestrial force Efi Dorg makes a comeback. Yukina, the daughter of its director, unintentionally restores the Black Relics’ cockpit module, resulting in the release of Kennosuke from cryostasis. 

Getting support from both the UN Kurobe Laboratory and the family of Yukina for adjusting to the modern era, Kennosuke uses the same warfare technique against the Efi Dorg forces as he did in his Sengoku era. Now since the UN Kurobe Laboratory is acquainted with a powerful weapon in the form of humanoid robotic figure Black Relic as a defense against the Efi Dorg technology, Kennosuke is among their most treasured assets. On the other side, Yukina, who went through an unexpected incident, gets synchronized biometrically with the humanoid vehicle robot Black Relic. Since it breeds the need for a navigator and pilot, Yukina becomes the armed fighter partner of Kennosuke.

Briefing about the characters

Yukina Shirahane

Yukina is a high school student in her second year studying in Tateyama International High School. She is the daughter of the UN Kurobe Laboratory head. Yukina aims to reach the red planet Mars. When her father disappeared, she became doubtful about her future and was not at all interested in going into combat, especially if the opponent belonged to the human race. She brings Kennosuke in a confused state, because of her similarity with Yukihime and Muetta. The voiceover of this female character is done by Japanese voice actress Mao Ichimichi. And the English version is done by the American voice actress Cherami Leigh. 

Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma

The next main male protagonist is Kennosuke. He is a descendant of the Sengoku reign and awakens from sleep from the control unit ‘Cube’ from where Black Relic was discovered in the Kurobe Dam construction site. To save Yukihime, he battled with demons with the help of Black Relic, a stolen humanoid mecha that can be controlled by him and navigated by Yukina. 

He is of the same age group as her. In the beginning, it was difficult for him to adapt to the present civilization, but later became friends with the Yukina family. In the original language, the voice-over of this character is done by Yohei Azakami. Whereas the English version is done by Bryce Papenbrook, the voice actor from America. 


Yukihime is the last legal heiress of the Washiba Clan. When the Sengoku dynasty in Japan was invaded by Efi Dorg, she chose Kennosuke to function as the humanoid mecha Black Relic to combat enemy forces. But the humanoid robot got trapped during the war. It also resulted in the death of Yukihime and the memory loss of Kennosuke. Japanese actress-singer Aki Toyosaki is the voice behind this female character and Kira Buckland for the English version. 

Hiromi Shirahane

Hiromi Shirahane is the mother of Yukina and Chief Researcher at the United Nations Korobe Laboratory. She has the main role behind the design of GAUS units featuring two-humanoid seaters operated by a navigator and also a pilot. Well, she does not appear to be an ideal loving mother and is hard to bear. Hiromi lacks motherhood traits. Kanako Tojo is the Japanese voice for this character and Anne Yatco for the English version. 

When to expect the release date of Kuromukuro’s third season?

If you have enjoyed watching the first two seasons of Kuromukuro, then it is obvious that you must be curiously waiting for the third season. But sorry to inform you that till now no official announcement has been made yet about its release. Now since there has already been a hiatus of four years, then it may come soon. The third season of Kuromukuro was supposed to stream on screens in the year 2021, but now its premiere is expected to arrive in this year’s early phase.


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