Garden This Spring


Making the Most of Your Garden This Spring

With covid restrictions slowly being lifted across different parts of the world and the spring season now upon us, now is the perfect time to look at maintaining your garden and getting everything up together.

Home improvement companies have found themselves particularly busy throughout the pandemic due to more people being at home more regularly, more than ever before. WIth redundancies, furlough and working from home, it’s quite the ideal scenario for those who are interested in home improvement. 

Garden Furniture & Decoration

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s guaranteed that everyone will be spending more time in their garden and with restrictions easing, hopefully seeing friends and family members. Spruce up your garden with furniture to add some character and really make the most of the space you have. Whether that be a new bench or a free flowing water feature, there are so many different options for decoration and furniture to consider, depending on your own tastes. 


Get the Grass Up Together

Your lawn can make all the difference to the look of your overall garden if it is kept tidy and looking great. You may be looking for topsoil in Cardiff or some other kind of sub soil for your garden to promote healthy growth for the grass and your plants, or perhaps you want to pay a grass treatment company to maintain this for you on a regular basis. 

Regularly mowing your grass is also recommended so that the grass doesn’t grow too long. In the spring you will want to look at mowing the law once to twice a week, depending on the weather as the amount of sun and rain will affect how quickly it grows. In the warmer months you will usually expect to mow the grass once and sometimes even twice a week. 

New Plants & Shrubs

If your plants from last year have wilted and died out during winter, why not consider buying a whole new variety of different plants and flowers? Your local garden centre will have a huge range of beautiful plants and flowers to choose from. From different colours to different smells and styles, there will definitely be something suitable for what you want to do. 

With the new plants, flowers and added decorations, you will definitely be able to create a garden space that you are proud of and love looking at on a daily basis. 


Have a Clear Out

There is nothing worse than opening your shed after a year and finding it full of spiders and cobwebs! Get ahead of the game and clear out the entirety of your garden ready for summer. You may even want to ask a friend to help you with the clear out as this will speed up the process and make your life easier.

You can also consider looking at weeding your garden and making use of compost recycling.

Enjoy Your Time

The most important thing to make sure of is that you enjoy the time spent in your garden. Make the most of the long days and warm weather throughout spring and summer, whilst the general climate is improved. When it comes around to autumn and winter, you don’t want to have any regrets! 

Enjoy and love your garden.