Whether you like to practise DIY projects or work with machines all time, you will likely reach out to power tools to get the work done in minutes. Before the invention, ancient people didn’t have such efficient tools to perform tasks like building a house, cutting a tree, or perform any labour-intensive work. Fortunately, there’s a transformation since the invention of power tools as they make work easier and save a lot of time and energy.

These power tools are designed strategically to assist carpenters, construction workers, and other manual labourers. Apart from the functional use, these tools are manufactured effectively to offer high-end work that helps you get the task done correctly. When it comes to purchasing the power tools, you don’t need to have a complete set. You only need to know their uses and get the one relevant to your needs. Here are some tools and their uses that you can go through for a detailed overview:

List of Different Power tools:

The rules are

  • Chainsaw tool – This is a portable gasoline, electric or battery-powered tool that is used to cut with the set of teeth attached to a rotating chain along with a guiding bar. This tool is used for different activities like tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks, and also for the harvesting of firewood.
  • Reciprocating Saw tool – It is a type of handheld saw which is basically used for demolition and remodeling. You can also use this tool in cutting various types of materials like wood, metal, PVC, and nails. It is a machine powered saw in which cutting of material is done through push and pulls motion of the blade.
  • Framing Nailer – As the name suggests, this tool is the heaviest duty nailer and is used on wood framing in heavy construction jobs and buildings. It is also known as a framing gun and is essential in-home building sites.
  • Milter Saw – It is a type of specialized tool which will help you to make cuts at a variety of angles. This tool has a blade that is mounted on a swing arm that pivots left or right to cut angles. You can utilize this tool to make cuts very fast for crown moulding, picture frames, door frames, window casings, etc.
  • Impact Driver – This tool is made with a premium design that works efficiently in driving long deck screws or carriage bolts into the wooden posts. This tool is also prominently used in fastening concrete screw anchors into block walls. You can also use it for driving screws in metal studs. The mechanics often use this tool to loosen large screws and nuts that are corrosively over-torqued or ‘frozen’.

Without the use of these power tools, no industry can really continue its work. But there are various types of inherent hazards involved in their use. People using these types of tools should make sure that they use them correctly and with all safety measures. There are some rules for safety that you can use while using these tools so that you can prevent hazards that can be caused by the use of these tools.

If you wish to explore these tools, make sure you go through audit power tools as they offer product guides and useful tips about power tools for the best purchasing experience.

Rules to keep power tools functional for a longer time:

  • Keep all the tools in good condition with regular maintenance – In order to keep these tools long-lasting, you need to maintain them regularly. It also helps to keep them reliable and safe. For that, you should inspect them so that there will be minimal risk in using the equipment. Additionally, it will let you know if the tool is malfunctioning or is in a workable condition. Keeping tools in good condition and regularly maintaining them prevents unexpected breakthrough, which can impact operational efficiency.
  • Use the right tool for the job – There are different types of tools that are used for different purposes depending on their function. You have to choose the right tool for avoiding unnecessary efforts and making work easier.
  • Examine each tool for damage before use – Before using power tools, you must check and inspect them before commencing work. It is a very crucial step you need to follow because it helps in detecting the damaged equipment. If you use the damaged equipment, it can cause many minor and major injuries like cuts, punctures, blindness, electrical shock, etc. If you detect that the tool is damaged, do not use it because it will cause difficulty in performing tasks and will put you in danger.
  • Operate tools according to the manufactures instructions – Follow the instructions given in the manual guide of the tool because it will tell you how to handle and operate the tool. If you follow the instructions, it will avoid mishandling of tools and the damages caused by them.
  • Use proper personal protective equipment – Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ensures your safety by reducing the overall physical hazards that can be caused by power tools. You should wear appropriate PPE so that you can be safe from various types of damages and diseases.

Inspecting the tools regularly will ensure that the tools are in good working condition. Besides, you must have the perfect knowledge of handling these tools so that you can use them for specific purposes. Make sure you follow all these safety precautions while performing activities with the power tools:

  • If you are not properly trained in handling this kind of tools, do not use them.
  • While working with these tools, make sure that you work in a spacious area and also be aware of the people around you.
  • If you are working at heightened locations, you should use a bucket to raise tools from the ground.
  • You should use a toolbox for carrying the pointed tools so that they do not cause any injury.
  • If you found that the tools are damaged, then report them immediately for preventing further damage.
  • When you are working outside with tools, check the weather conditions first before using them.
  • Do not carry these tools with their cables and also don’t play with them.
  • If there is no use of tools, then do not let them remain plugged in.
  • Use only those tools which are double insulated or properly grounded.
  • If you are giving damaged tools for repairing, then make sure that only a qualified person repairs them.

All in all, you should use all the tools with safety because apart from making work easier, they can also cause damage. So, handle these tools with care to make your work efficient and effective.


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