The most remarkable American drama “Mad Men” created by Matthew Weiner came on screen in 2007 on AMC. One of the longest-running series, which lasted more than five years, yet their fans are still waiting to see Mad Men Season 8. The show won the hearts of people with its flawless story and cast. The show was highly appreciated and admired by the audience.

It received countless awards, and critics praised the performance with positive reviews. In its entirety, the show is a historical drama and puts across a clear picture of the 60s with eye-catching episodes.

Madmen gave back to back seven outstanding seasons, which kept the audiences hooked to the storyline and won reputed awards and recognition due to diversity and allegiance. The show won gold globe awards and an Emmy for its magnificent performing drama series.

The show unexpectedly ended without any information about Don Draper, the main character, and Madison Avenue’s future relationship. So far, the season aired from 2007-2015, consisting of 92 episodes. The show earned immediate popularity amongst the audience. Madmen initially were AMCs first trial for screening an original series. Before it became popular and being one of the most iconic shows, they did not expect the performance.

Mad Men Season 8: Release Date

With the immense admiration of the famous Mad Men, series audiences are eagerly waiting for season 8 to release and unravel the previous finale season episode’s unexpected ending. It has been more than five years for any critically acclaimed show and network like AMC to take this much time to release another season.

There is no official announcement from the creators or the show producers regarding the confirmation of the release date. Since there has been a long gap between the last season and awaited season 8, it might be possible that the show will have to take a complete renewal. It is up to the creators regarding how soon they plan to take action for the series.

The predicted date of release for the Mad Men series was expected to be from June to December 2020. The comeback is supposed to be with 13 episodes. We can ask the loyal fans to key their fingers crossed and keep hoping for a particular update regarding the release date.

Mad Men Season 8: Cast

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Apart from the Mad Men series’ impeccable storyline, the cast plays a vital role in uplifting the show and living out the characters with utmost honesty. After the last season, fans might be wondering if the show will continue with the same cast or with the rumors about the renewal status, it will hire a new cast for season 8 all together.

The cast and characters have been nearly similar to the show, along with recurring characters from different seasons and episodes. To talk about the main cast of the show, it includes:

  • Vincent Kartheiser as Pete
  • January Jones as Betty
  • Jon Hamm as Don Draper
  • Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson
  • Kiernan Shipka as Sally
  • John Slattery as Roger
  • Kevin Rahm as Ted
  • Jessica Pare as Megan
  • Aaron Staton as Ken
  • Jay R. Ferguson as Stan

The star cast for season 8 of Mad Men is yet to be decided by the creators. However, actors from the previous cast will be seen reprising their characters in the upcoming season. The official confirmation regarding the show cast will be done only when the production team starts shooting for the series.

However, we saw how the show ends with all the characters building and moving on with their new life, and the protagonist Don is seen meditating on a hilltop.

Mad Men Season 8: Plot

The plot of Mad Men series revolves around its main character Don Draper. He was initially working as a director in “Madison Avenue” and later became a founding team member of the advertising company. The last season of the series had several untold and unrevealed stories, which are left to be resolved with a new season. The show takes you inside the lives of people working in a reputed ad agency named Sterling Cooper.

Don Draper is known as the incredibly talented show protagonist, has stunning looks, and is coy. Don does justice to the roles of creative writer in an ad agency. The show strives to entertain both the characters’ professional and personal lives where Betty, Don’s wife, plays a significant role and is showcased as a mid-century typical homemaker.

The expected storyline and plot for season 8 is yet a question mark. But it’s most likely to start where it was left off. In the previous season, the episode ended with Don Draper’s medication at Hilltop. The last season ended with uncertain predictions and mysteries, which still need to be answered.

Some are like the cancer treatment of Megan, Roger, and Marie marrying, instances of its employees’ relationship. Also, when Draper receives an offer for a Coca-Cola advertisement in a peaceful area. All these remained doubtful to the audience and were left open on their imagination.

Mad Men Season 8: Crew and Latest Updates

Mathew Weiner, the show runner, writer, and producer of the show, continues writing and casting numerous roles. Tom Palmer worked as a co-executive producer on the first season of Mad Men. AMC has neither denied the expectation of having season 8 of Mad Men and nor given a proper confirmation on the release.

The show supposedly earned a massive fan base audience, prestigious awards, and praise from the critics. Since there is no latest update on confirmation on the release date, we can expect our audiences to hold a little longer for one of the most beloved American drama series.


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