Blood and Treasure Season 2


Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

The most awaited adventure drama series is here for you to binge-watch. Just as the title suggests, Blood and Treasure is an action packed and thrilling series. The series encircles around two strikingly different personalities- one is a cunning art burglar. The other is a profound antiquities specialist. They collaborate to catch a destructive terrorist who funds his target attacks from the stolen treasure.

Season one created by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia was premiered on 21st May 2019 by CBS, original networks. This American series has been admired for its globetrotting escapade with a fascinating mix of action, drama, and humor. Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, and others also take an active part in creating this show.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date

We understand how eagerly the fans are waiting for the next season to air. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the project has to face a stagnation period. Earlier, season two of Blood and Treasure was supposed to make its return in May 2020 but due to the prevailing pandemic and COVID-19, the project’s shooting got postponed.

Officially, there hasn’t been any announcement on when the next season will air but the good news is that the production will resume soon as we assume. If you have seen the earlier season, you are well familiar with the hotspots and locations involved in filming the series.

Therefore, it requires a fair amount of work and visits to numerous places for filming it. This eventually becomes time-consuming, and hence we can expect a delay in the release date of the series.

The second season is said to film in various parts of Russia and South East Asia. Hopefully, we get to watch the thrilling season in 2021. There is no on-record announcement or statement regarding the release date. But if the production has resumed and with situations getting better, you will soon be able to enjoy this power-packed action series.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Cast

Will Sofia Pernas make a comeback in the upcoming season? Who will all be starring in the show? Will there be the launch of new characters? Well, let us satisfy your excitement about the characters and cast of season two and whether your favorite characters are in it or not.

Season two of blood and treasure will reprise the roles of season one cast. However, there aren’t any official statements regarding the cast members in the continuation of the series. It can be expected that some characters will be carrying on the same role and are most likely to appear in season two as well.

As per sources, no new cast member will enter the second season, and Matt Barr will screen as Dammy Me Namara again. Other members of the cast, which you might be able to see in the second season, are

  • Katia winter as Gwen Karlsson – An Interpol agent
  • Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck – An old friend of Danny who works as a priest
  • Alicia Coppola as Anna Castillo – Danny’s mentor
  • James Callis as Simon Hardvick – Who happens to be the real Farouk as revealed in the season finale.
  • Sofia Pernas as Lexi Waziri – A con woman.

There is no way these characters can be replaced. They enact and live their roles flawlessly, which is why they are likely to return to our screens with their respective roles.

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Blood and Treasure Season 2: Plot

As mentioned above, the series is lead by two protagonists. One is Lexi Vaziri, a cunning and equally intellectual thief and another brainy antiquities expert and former FBI member. The plot of Blood and Treasure is intriguing and leaves the rest on imagination. People with so much patience have to build up their fan theories about the story.

The official trailer does ease some of the excitement. This season will bring the cliffhanger to revelation, which was left with a twist by the end of season one. As the adventure takes its course by season one, the last episodes queen returns in the 11th episode, which further creates danger threats.

The entire story revolves around an art thief and antique experts who made the team search for the terrorists who stole his treasure. In season two, the focus will remain on the story of Danny. The casting team of the series fills in the action and romantic interests.

The second season is supposed to bring more to the storyline, and Danny will be the center of focus. Flashbacks from season 1 portray how Danny tracks down Lexi. On this voyage, they discover a 2000 years old battle, which was fought for the cradle of civilization. In the venturesome quest of the duo, there are many complexities the journey.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Crew and Latest Updates

Blood and treasure’s release date has been delayed due to the unavoidable pandemic. The next season was recharged during the end of June 2019 by CBS; before the initial season’s central episode could precede its end.

According to the sources, Mathew Federman, an executive producer, started with a tweet: they will get back to shooting and complete the season when it has deemed safe. This is a sign of relief for all the fans who have been patiently waiting for the story to move ahead.

There has been no official announcement o when the shooting shall resume, but we are hoping soon or by the end of the year 2020. Currently, season 2 is only halfway done, and the filming had to be terminated due to the corona virus pandemic scenario. Therefore, there is no information on any upcoming trailer. The show is full of uninvited mysteries and thrill.

Last modified: November 11, 2020