Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that was created by Jared Keeso, directed by Jacob Tierney and written by Keeso. It tells the story of two good friends in a town with their antics and humor as they interact with the community. 

The show was originally premiered in 2016 by Crave and was taken by Hulu to air in the US region, this was after the series have won multiple awards in the industry. The first season debuted in the US, in July of 2018.

Hulu now has the exclusive rights of the series and with its success, it has released a total of 8 seasons. With the last season being premiered in 2019, the fans could not help themselves but become impatient with high expectations to know if there would be a comeback of the series.

With that, here are the things you all need to know should there be a continuation of a season 9 of the series. 


The Series 

To better understand what to expect in a continuation or a comeback, let us learn about the general plot of the series. 

The story is situated in a fictional small town in Canada called Letterkenny, Ontario, where the main characters of the story, Wayne and Daryl, reside.

It has a diverse community of people that lives from partying, hicks, and hockey enthusiasts, where they are in a constant feud over trivial matters and will often end up having someone getting beaten up. 

It centers around the two main characters and their friends, getting the best out of normal life in a small town. The series is definitely packed with laughter and a beer. 

The first season of the series began in 2016, and has its final season in 2019, the series overall has a total of 8 seasons with 54 episodes.

The Plot

The series always manages to keep its original approach in comedy all throughout the seasons. The final season’s plot has a more and deeper outlook on the life of the main characters while keeping the same level of brilliant humor with it. 

In the 8th season, the story focused on these events where Wayne is fixing himself from a broken heart by isolating himself in a shed and enjoying his favorite show series. Jonesy and Reilly became successful in their hockey stardom, while Stewart is preparing for a fight. 

Looking at how the plot of the series moves and evolves, we can expect that if a season 9 will be released, it will focus newly on the side of the various main characters and how they continue to grow individually or as a group in dealing with different life situations and challenges. 

Movie Cast

The main characters of the cast are Jared Keeso as Wayne, Nathan Dale as Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Katy, and Trevor Wilson as Dan. 

Most likely, just like any other tv or movie series, the main characters and their actors will retain its role. For a new set of characters in addition to the story plot, new actors to play these roles will still be cast. 

Movie Crew

With a successful release of 8 seasons, the TV sitcom series season 9 will most likely be handled by the same crew and production to maintain a consistent flow of the plot, humor, and filming style.

The film was created by Jared Keeso and developed it together with Jacob Tierney. In addition, the film was carefully written by the duo, together with Jonathan Torrens, Trevor Risk, and Jesse McKeown. 

The production would still be the same executive producers, production company, production location, a single camera set-up, and running showtime per episode. 

Letterkenny Season 9 Release Date

There has been news that Jared Keeso has given a hint that there would be more of the series to come. Be it said directly or indirectly, fans could not stop to give out their expectations and opinions.

Crave or Hulu has not released any official statements or confirmation with regards to the development or a continuation of the series. 

If we follow the release dates of the previous season and going back as the season finale was released in December of 2019, we can expect if there is any news of season 9, it would be released in late 2020 or at most early 2021. 

Movie Trailer

We can not help but be hopeful for an upcoming season 9 of the sitcom series. While there are no updates in the newsletter and community, yet. People and fans would really love to see a comeback for this hilarious series. 

There are no official trailers for Letterkenny Season 9. If you are missing out on the feels or just want to have a good laugh. You can always watch the 8 seasons again.


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