Jordan Peele is an American, comedian, producer, director, and writer. At the start of his career, he was famous for his comic work. However, he changed the course of his career and is now known for his work on horror films. He started his career in 2002 and made a name in multiple branches of the entertainment industry. His net worth is estimated to be $12 million at the time of writing.

Name: Jordan Peele
Net Worth: $12 million
Date of Birth: Feb 21, 1979
Height: 1.75 meters
Nationality: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Comedian, Screenwriter, Producer, Musician

Jordan Peele Net Worth

John Peele has $12 million net worth to his credit. He didn’t stop at comedy but branched out his professional skills into writing and directing films. However, it was his comedy career that uplifted him to the position where he is today.

Early Life

Jordan Haworth Peele was born in New York City on 21st February 1979. He was born to Hayward Peele and Lucinda Williams. However, only his single mother raised him. She was white but his father was black. He went to a Computer School in Manhattan and graduated from The Calhoun School which is situated on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He also attended Sarah Lawrence College.

Jordan Peele’s Personal Life

Jordan Peele started dating a comedian, writer, and actress Chelsea Peretti in 2013. The couple got engaged in 2015, eloped to get married in 2016, and had a son together in 2017. The couple along with their son lives in New York.

Jordan Peele's Net Worth

Jordan Peele’s Career

He kicked off his career with the artist Rebecca Drysdale. Peele would perform musical duets with Nicole Parker in Amsterdam. He also worked as a solo entertainer for quite some time. He shot to fame when he started hosting the 2002 MTV Comedy Weekend. After one year, he was admitted as a cast member at Mad TV. Peele got famous by doing wonderful comedic impersonations. He performed for Mad TV and appeared in several viral videos. Eventually, he quit Mad TV in the 13th season after performing his duties for five consecutive seasons.

Peele brainstormed expanding his career to different television projects. In 2010, he starred in The Station, and soon after that, he got a role in Children’s Hospital, which is an adult swim series. He had the first supporting role in Wanderlust. Peele also teamed up with Keegan-Michael Key to launch the show Key & Peele. Their comedy sketch aired on Comedy Central and was a mega-hit, and it played a crucial role in propelling Peele’s career.

Peele got the opportunity to act as an FBI agent in the first season of Fargo. Fargo was adopted from the movie of the same name which hit the screens in 1996. After two years, Peele and Key landed leading roles in the movie named Keanu. The movie was reasonably successful and it received overwhelmingly good reviews from critics. By 2017, Peele had altered his career course and had dived into the world of directing. Get Out was his directorial debut, which won him critical acclaim. The debut was remarkable for two things; one was that he switched from in front of the camera to behind the camera and the other was that he shifted his course from comedy to horror. Multiple organizations chose this film as a top release in 2017.

The movie Get Out grossed over $225 million worldwide at the box office from a minor budget of $4.5 million. Peele released Weird City, a YouTube Premium series, in 2019. He coordinated the series with Charlie Sanders. The second movie that Peele directed was Us, which was released in 2019. The thriller starred Elisabeth Moss, Winston Duke, and Tim Heidecker.

Universal Deal

Jordan Peele inked a deal with Universal Pictures that insured him the availability of studio for 5 years. The deal is highly lucrative and is supposed to have the potential to balloon to nine figures. However, unlike normal deals, Jordan doesn’t get upfront money. Instead, he gets annual payment upon the completion of different milestones. The bonus potential is also quite huge.

Peele is fantastic at singing. He has won Emmy Awards nomination for the song Sad Fitty Cent. Peele himself wrote and arranged the lyrics. During the American presidential elections, he appeared in a video titled Hillary vs Obama, in which he was seen arguing with a supporter of Hillary, a character played by Lisa Donavan. The video instantly became viral and grabbed five million views shortly. Peele was also auditioned for Saturday Night Live where he had to play Barack Obama but due to his commitments with Mad TV, he dropped out of the role and the role, eventually, went to Fred Armison.


Current Life

Jordan Peele is currently enjoying quality time with his spouse. He intends to focus more on directing rather than acting as he considers it more fun.

Other Prominent Projects

One confirmed project is the remake of the movie Candyman. Rumors about his involvement in the movie started circulating in 2018. Later on, the same year, he confirmed that he was taking part in the film.

Awards and Achievements

Jordan Peele’s show Key and Peele won a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards. His film Get Out made him the first-ever black film director to bag over $100 million with a debut movie. The movie also won nominations for the Best Picture, the Best Director and the Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Highest Grossing Projects

On top of the list sits Get Out which collected a whopping $255 million worldwide. The second slot goes to Storks which was released in 2016 and which bagged $183.4 million. The third position belongs to Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie which was released in 2017. The movie earned around $125.4 million. The fourth slot is taken by Keanu which was released in 2016 and earned him $20.6 million.

Famous quotes

“Everybody knows this legend in kind of African-American lore. There’s always somebody in your neighborhood named Orangejello or Lemonjello. And that’s spelled – Orangejello is spelled O-R-A-N-G-E-J-E-L-L-O.” Jordan Peele

“I think that is also something he [Barack Obama], at the beginning of his presidency, he couldn’t really explore and couldn’t show. He had to be almost a one-dimensional, stoic leader during that first election.” Jordan Peele



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