Fat Joe's Net Worth


Fat Joe’s Net Worth, How Much Did He Earn?

Fat Joe is a famous rapper who remained a part of the D.I.T.C hip-hop group. He also is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Terror Squad Entertainment. Throughout the years of his music career, he remained engaged in collaboration with some big names of the music industry. He has also made a name for himself in the world of movies. The net worth of Fat Joe is $5 million.

Name: Fat Joe
Full Name: oseph Antonio Cartagena
Fat Joe Net worth: $5 million
Gender: Male
Height: 1.85 cm
Nationality : United States of America
Date of Birth: Aug 19, 1970
Profession: Rapper, Actor, Artist, Voice Actor, Musician

Early Life

Fat Joe was born in South Bronx on 19th August 1970. His ancestry goes back to Cuba and Puerto Rica. He spent his childhood in a poor neighborhood which pushed him into a life of crime while he was quite young. He revealed later that he was bullied during school years. He used to steal to feed his family. Gossip Gist said that the act of stealing to feed his family turned him into a bully. It was his brother Joseph who introduced him to Hip-Hop music which later on became his true passion. He decided to choose music as a profession.

Fat Joe Career

Cartagena adopted Fat Joe da Gangster as the stage name. Fat Joe is uniquely gifted with musical talent that’s why his songs gained worldwide attention and earned him a big fan base. Among his famous creations are included songs such as Lean Back, Flow Joe, All the Way Up, and Make it Rain. Some of his songs featured French Montana, Lil Wayne, Dre, Ashanti and Ja Rule. All these songs have performed incredibly well. They also appeared on Billboard Hot Rap Songs. Fat Joe has also been featured in a bunch of popular songs namely We Taking Over, Welcome To My Hood, and I’m So Hood. The income he earned from the sale of his songs and live performances built his massive wealth.

Fat Joe's Net Worth

During his time with D.I.T.C, he had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of artists, which helped him establish precious and rewarding networking connections that he used to build his own record label. He also had the opportunity to work with Relativity Records during the starting phase of his career.

In 1993, Fat Joe released his solo debut album, which was named Represent. This album was the one that contained his musical hit Flow Joe. The track would eventually hit the top position on Rap Charts. Fat Joe’s music career kicked off with a bang. He released another album Jealous One’s Envy, which fared well on the charts and solidified Fat Joe’s success in the realm of music. His music career took a shoot for the sky when he met LL Cool J in a recording studio. Teaming up with him, he recorded I Shot Ya and also made an appearance in the video.

Fat Joe also worked with Big Pun besides collaborating with different artists such as Diddy, Nas, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony while he was working on the album Don Cartegena.

Talent Management

Fat Joe successfully ran Terror Squad Entertainment and his record label witnessed many artists shine. Tony Sunshine, Big Pun, Remi Ma, and DJ Khaled remained associated with his record label and wrote their success story with their own hands. The label also had great business from the sales of different music albums. It also signed deals with EMI, Imperial, and E1. Fat Joe has also had got the distribution rights for his label.

Fat Joe Film Career

Fat Joe has already stepped into the world of film making. Just like music, he has made a name for himself as an actor. He has been featured in different films like Happy Feet, Prison Song, Night School, Thicker than Water, She Gotta Have It Tv Series, Empire, and Prison Song.

Terror Squad’s last album was named True Story. It featured the all-time hit Lean Back, which he made in collaboration with Remy Ma. The track managed to stay at the number one spot for about three weeks. Later on, it turned to be one of the most successful songs by Fat Joe. The year 2005 brought trouble for Fat Joe as he caught himself in a famous feud with 50 Cent. 50 Cent criticized Fat Joe for his collaboration with Ja Rule. The feud, later on, escalated and Fat Joe started public criticism of 50 Cent for his cowardly style. The matter tipped the boiling point during 2005’s MTV Video Music Awards when both got into a verbal duel. Fat Joe insulted 50 Cent and the latter jumped onto the stage and yelled obscenities.

Legal Issues

Fat Joe caught into several legal issues in his career. He was charged with assault on two different occasions. He was also called to be a witness at a couple of murder trials. The man who was on trial was Fat Joe’s bodyguard. In another incident, he was in his car when two men, who were also sitting in the car, were fatally shot. As a result, he was called to be a witness for the murder trial. He also pleaded guilty to the evasion of tax in 2012. He didn’t pay tax on $3 million of his income which landed him in jail for four months.

Real Estate Investments

Just like every wealthy man would do, Fat Joe invested in real estate. He paid $115,000 for one acre of agricultural land near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He used his massive fortune to build a 5,300 square-foot custom home. Later on, he listed the property for sale for $2 million. However, he couldn’t find a buyer, and he still owns the property.

Endorsement Deals

Fat Joe has been approached to endorse the Latino Film Festival and Beats by Dre. He also earned a big amount of money from these endorsement deals.

Sneaker Store Business

Fat Joe had an entrepreneurial spirit in his heart from a young age. He would buy motorcycles at a low price and sell them on profit. Later on, he successfully built his sneaker store business, which offered customers a rare, unique, and organic collection of shoes.

Famous Quotes

“I’m known to be hands-on 100%. I don’t know any other way to be than a leader by example.” Fat Joe

“Everybody wants to be famous. You have to be ready to deal with consequences.” Fat Joe

Last modified: August 3, 2020