Satirical shows have also been the most liked shows by the viewers. One such example is Jane the Virgin. It is a satirical romantic comedy show that has been airing since 2014 from 13th October on CW. The show has been inspired by the Perla Farias’s telenovela show named Juana la Virgen in Venezuela. The person behind the creation of Jane the Virgin is Jennie Snyder Urman. 

Whereas, the production of this comedy-romantic drama series involves companies including Warner Bros, Television, Electus Entertainment, Poppy Productions, CBS Television Studios, and RCTV International. There is a team of producers of the show including Gina Lamar, Mark Grossan, Meredith Averill, David S. Rosenthal, Sean Canino, Corinne Brinkerhoff, and Paul Sciarrotta. The executive producers on the board are Ben Silverman, Gary Pearl, Brad Silberling, Jennie Snyder Urman, and Jorge Granier. 

Jane the Virgin is a story about a young Latina virgin religious working girl named Jane Villanueva. Her life changes when she is artificially inseminated which leads to her pregnancy. Now if you ask whether it is worth watching, then my answer is yes, of course. From the beginning of this romantic-comedy-drama series has garnered positive feedback and a steady fan following. It has also been rated good and has been awarded a Peabody Award. 

The show also won the Golden Globe award for the spectacular performance of leading actress Gina Rodriguez who plays the titular role of Jane in Jane the Virgin. More to add is this satirical comedy show has been enlisted by American Film Institute into the top 10 television shows of 2014. Those fond of watching rom-com shows must include Jane the Virgin as another add-on to their favorite show lists. Till now, Jane the Virgin has come up with five seasons. Now the wait is for the sixth season. So will it come soon or be canceled, let’s find out in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Jane the Virgin
Genre: Comedy, drama, romance, telenovela, & satire
Based on: Juana la virgen by Perla Farías
Narrated by: Anthony Mendez
Place Of Origin: United States
Star cast: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni and more
Original language: English and Spanish
Number of seasons: 5
Number of episodes: 100

Jane the Virgin season 6 Release Date

Story plot

Jane the Virgin is about the titular character Jane, a devout young woman, who becomes pregnant after she gets artificially inseminated mistakenly by a doctor at the time of checkup. The vow of her maintaining her virginity till her marriage gets broken. Adding more to the worse, the sperm that has been inserted into her cervix via artificial insemination is of the man who has been married and has survived cancer. Also, he has been her former teenage crush. Jane works in a hotel, of whom this man is the owner. The story is set in Miami. 

There is one big issue for Jane which is coping up with her heart, as she had a crush on him. The satirical romantic comedy show puts the main emphasis upon the struggle Jane goes through in choosing between her investigating boyfriend or the father of her child. The story plot has much more to it. When the series moves further, it shows Jane’s child turning into a toddler, plus her career as a writer also moves ahead. The members in the family also start developing plotlines related to health issues, not allowing her to settle in a foreign destination, plus lecturing on self-discovery. 

The main challenge before Jane is balancing her regular life with her motherhood. She has to carry the sole responsibility of bringing up her child. Jane is very religious by nature, and with that her upbringing can be defined as tough, and it is great to see how she keeps trying and applying the rules in the household, while she struggles to pretend that everything is normal in her life, but it is not in reality.

Not just a Jane show

In Jane the Virgin series, showcases problems Jane is encountering in bringing up her child, and how she is making efforts to advance her writing career. Merely the name of the show does not mean it will entirely emphasize the Jane character. After watching the show, you will find the focus being put on the other members of the family who come up with their tales and lead their lives. 

The show not only displays the life of Jane as a character but also mirrors the issues related to social and economic problems faced by immigrants in the United States. The showcase of the struggle of a mother in raising her toddler in Jane the Virgin connects to those who have been in similar situations akin to Jane. A popular American magazine Variety has even applauded Jane the Virgin the way it has been visualized, curated, and edited. 

Who plays Jane in Jane the Virgin?

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is the main leading cast of Jane the Virgin playing the role of Jane. Gina is a talented actress as well as a TV producer from America. She was born in 1984 on 30th July. She was praised for her performance as Jane in Jane the Virgin and was even honored with a Golden Globe Award. 

Apart from this satirical rom-com series, Gina has made appearances in other television series including Law & Order, Eleventh Hour, Army Wives, The Bold and the Beautiful, Robot Chicken, Happy Endings, Wild Blue, Lip Sync Battle, Carmen Sandiego (voice-role), and Diary of a Future President.

The American actress has also been active in films – Calling It Quits, Filly Brown, Sleeping with the Fishes, Enter the Dangerous Mind, Deepwater Horizon, Sticky Notes, Miss Bala, Kajillionaire, Awake. I Want You Back will be the new one in which she is going to make her appearance. This project is under post-production. 

When to expect season 6 of Jane the Virgin?

The premiere of the fifth season of Jane the Virgin came 3 years ago on 27th March. Fans who have been watching this rom-com series from the first season must be expecting the release of season 6. But sorry to say, it is not going to happen, as season 5 was the official end of this series. Still, there is no need to get disheartened, as it might be possible that some other network might pick up this show.


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