Does your child love to watch cartoons? Do you make use of KissCartoon to fulfill your child’s wish? There is no harm in watching cartoons. It is ubiquitous for children to love watching them.

But a question arises for you as a parent. If you are using KissCartoon for your child to watch videos, there are few things you should be aware of. KissCartoon is a streaming website containing several famous animated programs such as cartoons and movies in huge numbers that allow viewing them for free.

However, not everything offered as free is secured. Those watching KissCartoon regularly or looking forward to using it must be apprehensive of some severe security issues associated with it.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is one of the many free streaming websites that hold fascinating content like cartoons, movies, or television shows for the kids. KissCartoon belongs to Kiss Anime Network, an overseas-based company. Kiss Anime is active in nations that do not imply any copyright laws.

This company works to host their website on servers situated in such countries. Such websites originally got existence by getting hosted in Vietnam. It would not be surprising to say that the number of such websites serving pirated content is large. They work to present content related to Korean drama television shows, U.S. comics, and manga.

These websites have existed for years on end. The entire content is categorized very effectively in a manner that searching any show is very easy. The best part is that the content is available in High Definition. The U.S. ambassador appealed to Vietnam for a criminal trial after which the real website of KissCartoon was ceased from operating in the year 2017. Today, many fraudulent websites are existing on the servers for providing pirated content. There is no clue as to who is handling such websites.

Is it safe to watch cartoons on KissCartoon?

Is it safe to watch cartoons on KissCartoon

Many advertisements appear in KissCartoon along with redirects and pop-ups that reappear consistently as this is the income generation method for such sites. Have you ever wondered where these endless ads come up from?

They make use of JavaScript Files to display these ads. They get stored on the browser. The hackers make use of these JavaScript Files for gaining access to your system and scoop into your repository for cryptocurrencies. As a result, the device retards when other jobs are being performed on it. The damage done is not just limited to this. The hackers try to infect the system with malware or viruses.

There is a possibility that hackers might not be immediately associated with the website. However, due to a lack of suitable preventive actions by KissCartoon, the visitor’s system becomes vulnerable to such threats. The absence of a trusted network like Google for getting a hold on such ads leads to greater exposure to malicious threats. Hence, it is very unsafe to watch a cartoon on KissCartoon.

Is KissCartoon legitimiate?

This website is not entitled to host the content it is doing as all the content presented by it is pirated. The law remains for all the websites run under this group, which, unfortunately, is not followed. Many times, action has been taken against these sites wherever possible based on the country and server location.

They have been made to shut down completely. Despite being terminated, these people try modifying the domain name and come up with a replica version on some other server. They try to keep the domain name relatable and focus on altering the domain suffix. Hence, KissCartoon is not a legitimate website.

What are the legitimate substitutes of KissCartoon?

There are various alternatives to KissCartoon that are distinct from KissCartoon. They are genuinely legitimate and secure websites. These websites can be incessantly accessed from any device having an internet connection.  Some are free to watch while some are paid ones like they have monthly subscription fees.

They also come as a package containing a particular set of channels on television. Ensure that the channels of your choice are included in the package.  If the viewer is using a satellite, cable, or an alternative membership to cable consist of Pogo or Cartoon Network Channel, they get added benefits. The viewer can download the application or can sign in to the respective website for streaming these TV Shows.

Along with being extremely secure, these websites come up with some helpful additional features that make them more preferring. Anyone watching shows on these websites can create their playlist. Moreover, the viewer is facilitated by these websites as they can resume the show again from the point they left off. The alternative websites to KissCartoon are listed below:

  • Pogo
  • Nickelodeon
  • Cartoon Network
  • Netflix
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Central
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll

We are still not out of ways that lead us to watch cartoons and shows safely. Various libraries consist of a big collection of movies and shows exist.  Many among these allow the members to explore DVDs and Blu Rays. Anyone can have a visit to such local libraries for having a look at their collections.

Conclusion: Should Cartoons be watched on KissCartoon?

Many countries have enforced rules against pirated content and one has to bear severe consequences if found watching them. Kiss Cartoon is a website that hosts all the shows and movies which are pirated.

This is an illegal deed of KissCartoon. Now many of you might be wondering that by just watching this content and not downloading it, you are in a safe zone. But it is to be noted that even if the pirated content is viewed and not downloaded, it is still unlawful.

Definitely, by doing this, you might not be facing any legal actions, but doing this makes your system highly exposed to malicious threats and viruses. There is a high possibility of your system getting invaded by hackers.

Hence, we recommend stopping the use of KissCartoon for watching cartoons or kid shows. Instead, opt for a legitimate streaming website for safe and secure viewing.


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