The kitchen is the heart of your home. You probably spend more time in the kitchen than in the other rooms of your house, especially if you have a dining space in your kitchen. So, you need an ambiance that lights up your mood every time you are in the kitchen. Hence, functionality with an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful look is at the core of modern kitchens.

Here we have mentioned some tips to make your kitchen look expensive and chic. So, read on to know how hanging a piece of art in your kitchen or a simple renovation of your kitchen cabinets can make a lot of difference. Click here for kitchen cabinetry ideas.

Change Lighting

Pendants and chandeliers are the ideal accessories that not only brighten up your space but change the feel of your kitchen. In contrast, traditional lights offer a uniform ambiance.

The simple method is to use both and give a completely new, contemporary, and attractive look to the most used area in your house. Additionally, when choosing the light fixtures, look for gold and brass ones, as they are also trendy.


Paint or Add Glass Doors to Your Cabinets

Renovating your outdated kitchen cabinetry should be your first priority. Good-quality and bold color paint can hide all the flaws of your old cabinets. If your cabinets have neutral colors like white or gray, then go for a neutral light tint. Otherwise, pick hues like black or red to revive the appearance of your cabinets.

Another DIY task you can do is cut out the front of the cabinets and place a glass for an open modern feel. Or you can simply change the entire kitchen cabinets by finding RTA cabinets for sale in the market. This cabinetry is pretty easy to install and affordable; the best thing is it is available in all designs and colors.

Reinvent Old Cabinets with Beautiful Hardware

If you can’t afford new cabinets, glass doors, or paint, make your kitchen look gorgeous with new hardware. You can replace all handles, door pulls and hinges with contemporary pieces in catchy hues. However, make sure to purchase the hardware that you can fit in the holes of your cabinetry.

And yes, if you find some attractive pieces of metal, then go for it: Polish nickels and unlacquered brass complement both glass and wood doors. Even if your lighting or sink is chrome, you can still choose nickel and brass hardware.

Use Artwork

This is the most interesting, easiest, and affordable way to make your kitchen look expensive. Artwork is a fantastic way to elevate the look of any space; it will do the same for your kitchen. Look for a bold and big art piece if you have a big empty wall.

In case of limited space, bring two or three small paintings and hang them side by side on your wall. In addition, you can choose anything like canvas, hanging frame, or abstract decoration. When it comes to frames and canvas, you can go for abstract, scenery, or simply a painting featuring food items.

Take Away

In a nutshell, perfect kitchen cabinets, artwork, and appropriate lighting are all you need to upgrade your kitchen and give it a whole new look. Just make sure that everything you add to your kitchen compliments the overall theme.



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