Need to cut out some outside noise that is disturbing you during the day but don’t know how? We have all of the steps required to keep the good noise inside of your apartment and the bad noise out! Get a good night of sleep and focus during your day of working from home by taking the necessary home renovation steps to add to the peacefulness and tranquility of your house.

Follow these steps or visit the site to have a professional help you cut out unwanted noise from getting in through the walls of your apartment!

Can I do wall soundproofing for my apartment? Yes – here are the steps needed!

Are you interested in doing the wall soundproofing for your apartment? Luckily for you, it is quite easy to do on your own if you have some handyman experience. If not, consider hiring a professional to do the following steps to cut out unwanted noise and make sure your apartment is quiet, relaxing, and tranquil while you are trying to sleep.


Seal up holes and gaps

The first step of wall soundproofing is to seal up any holes and cracks that are in your walls. Make sure you really do a thorough job of examining the wall and ask for a professional’s help if you don’t know how to look. Even though a hole can be small, noise can come in through very small spaces, so make sure you use a flexible caulk to seal the cracks and gaps on your walls, windows, and doors.

Tighten your door and windows

You should look into tightening your doors and windows as the second step of wall soundproofing. By using a weather strip at all four sides of the doors and windows in your apartment, you can ensure that no noise will come in through these gaps.

Install storm windows

The third step of wall soundproofing is to install storm windows. If you do not know how to install a window on your own, have a professional do this step for you. Buy windows with thick and sturdy frames that have weather stripping so they can effectively block sound from coming inside. The wider the airspace, the better it will be at reducing unwanted outdoor noise from coming inside of your apartment.

Add insulation

The next step of wall soundproofing for your apartment is adding insulation to your walls.

Install fiberglass batt of insulation to ensure the noise levels coming in from outside are reduced to as low as possible. You can also opt for spray foam insulation Cincinnati as an alternative in soundproofing your apartment.

Add mass to the walls

The final step of wall soundproofing is to add extra mass to the walls of your apartment. You can do this by adding mass in the form of drywall to increase the weight and reduce noise infiltration.


As you can see, you can do the wall soundproofing on your own if you have some DIY home and handyman experience! However, if you are not comfortable with sealing holes or installing windows, hire a professional to help you with the wall soundproofing steps. Make sure you cover all holes, seal cracks and gaps, install storm windows, and add mass to your walls so no noise can come through the materials.


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