Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in recent years. It’s so popular that almost every person around you probably has an Instagram account.

For those who don’t know, Instagram is just a free social media platform that enables people to share videos and photos with their friends.

Social media apps have become a vital part of our lives today. They’ve become the core of people’s interactions, networking, and social relationships.

Social media has also become entertaining, complicated, and addictive to everyone.

Just like any other platform on the internet, Instagram is extremely prone to cyber-attacks. With the rise of users, the interest in hacking an Instagram account is also increasing.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to hack an Instagram account. Well, we’re going to share it with you.

Weaknesses of Instagram

Mobile OS Errors

The operating system of your phone can contain different bugs. These hackers can use these bugs to hack your Instagram account. They do this by taking advantage of the easiest vulnerabilities.

That is why professionals recommend you frequently update your OS and don’t install apps from unreliable sources if you want to protect yourself against these hackers.


Malware can take a lot of forms. However, hackers utilize keyloggers to hack an Instagram account.

For those who don’t know, keyloggers can record everything that you type on your phone then send them to hackers.

To make things simple, everything you type is in the hands of the hackers if your phone has a keylogger app. This includes bank details, account details, and passwords.

To avoid downloading a potential keylogger:

  • Quarantine, disable, and detect keyloggers using anti-spyware.
  • Don’t open any links or attachments in emails from someone you don’t know. Hackers might be sending malware through these links or attachments.
  • Question the reliability of the app when downloading a keyboard application.

Password Safety

Most people utilize the same passwords on different accounts. Typically, passwords contain words such as pet name, partner name, phone number, nickname, and more.

Thus, hackers can crack your Instagram password easily and hack your account. Oftentimes, they utilize brute force to learn your password.

Once they infiltrate your account, they can do anything they want. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your password contains various combinations. This includes uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces, symbols, and numbers.

In addition to that, it’s ideal to have different passwords on different social media accounts. This improves your security and lowers the risk of being hacked.

Hack an Instagram

How to Hack an Instagram Account

One of the simplest methods to hack into an Instagram account is to utilize spy applications. There are tons of spy apps available online that you can use for this purpose.

If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry. These spy applications are user-friendly. They’re easy to install and use.

These spy apps enable users to track the activities of their target in stealth mode. Whenever you use a spy app to hack an Instagram account, you will have access to activities such as:

  • Direct messages
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Who they’re following
  • Followers
  • Videos and photos
  • Stories and other posts

There are Instagram spy applications that are only compatible with iOS. However, there are also a couple of apps that are only compatible with Android OS devices.

Fortunately, there are some spy apps that are compatible with both devices. These spy apps are not free. However, they’re extremely affordable. This is particularly true if you compare how much data you can get by using them.

Furthermore, these apps offer 24/7 customer support. Thus, if you’ve got any questions, you can simply contact them.

Here are some of the best spy apps to hack an Instagram account:

  • WebWatcher
  • Bark
  • KidsGuard Pro
  • FoneMonitor
  • Highster Mobile
  • PhoneSPector
  • SpyHuman
  • iKeyMonitor
  • mSpy
  • FlexiSPY
  • And much more

Keep in mind that most of these applications are paid software. However, they also provide a free trial version. Thus, you can test them well before purchasing them.

If you’re not happy with the service after buying the app, they also have a refund policy. That is why it’s ideal to use the free trial version first. This is particularly true if you aren’t sure about the capabilities of the spy app or you’re confused about which app to use.

Reasons to Hack an Instagram Account

There are a lot of reasons why people hack other people’s Instagram accounts. A couple of genuine reasons for hacking an Instagram account includes:

Catching a Criminal

People hack social media accounts, such as Instagram, to obtain the personal details of criminals who have stolen their identities.

This will help people know how to easily catch these criminals.

Monitor Employees

Employers might utilize hacking tools to keep track of the social media accounts of their employees. This will help them ensure they’re working honestly and efficiently.

Parental Control

Kids like to utilize social media apps where they can get social news, be entertained, and share their photos.

However, being active on this platform exposes your child to an evil association, cyber-bullies, online predators, and sexting. Thus, a parent might feel the need to monitor their kids to protect them.

If you’re a parent, you can do this by hacking the Instagram account of your child.


Some individuals hack Instagram accounts to catch a cheating girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband.

They can also hack Instagram accounts to verify their suspicions. The reason for this is that online emotional affairs or cyber-cheating are extremely dominant nowadays.

Social media applications, such as Instagram, make it extremely easy to find and connect with individuals to carry out these acts.


It doesn’t matter how secure social media platforms are, there are always some methods to hack them. All you need to do is to be patient and find the right app to use.

Once you find the right app to hack an Instagram account, it’s just a matter of downloading it.


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