The ability to gain views getting views YouTube is an ongoing objective for content creators. Views are essential to monetization, but not the least since they are among the criteria to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. One of the guidelines set by Google stipulates that the channel must be able to show at least 4000 hours of video watching over the last twelve months for the user to begin earning income through the platform.

People who want to market their content and have funds to invest could hire digital influencers, specialist experts or employ paid marketing tools. But, it’s also possible to boost the effectiveness of posts without cost by using the appropriate methods and tools.

1. Learn the fundamentals correctly

The appearance of your channel should be professional. Essential to building credibility. It can help your videos generate views on YouTube. After that, you should fill all fields available in the settings, such as the most recent contact details, the descriptions within the “About” section, and an imaginative name.

Determining the targeted audience is also crucial for your videos to get the attention of those who are interested in viewing them. Apart from defining your subject, add tags to aid in this process. It’s also worth including links from other social media networks if you’ve got these on your website.

2. Pay pay attention to the thumbnails of the videos.

Thumbnails are among the primary reasons to click on the YouTube video, particularly in the case of users who aren’t subscribed to the YouTube channel. Many people see images that are prominent on the homepage and decide to click to view the video.

Before you can say what to do in the thumbnail, it’s essential to point out the things to avoid. Don’t make click baits, deceitful or sensational images to entice viewers. Suppose the content doesn’t align with what is displayed in the thumbnails. In that case, the viewers will swiftly leave the page, leading the algorithm to reduce the relevancy and hinder the videos’ ranks.

3. Make sure to optimize the video’s title and description to incorporate hot keywords

YouTube isn’t only a video website. It has for a long time been the second-largest web search engine available on the Internet, just behind Google itself. Therefore, it is essential to use SEO methods (Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as the term “Search Engine Optimization) that help videos appear in the first results of YouTube search results.

There are a variety of platforms to do this. Google Keyword Planner, for instance, allows users to view search patterns and discover the keywords that have a high volume of searches; however, they have only a few videos — meaning low competition and a higher chance of being on the front page of results.

4. Make use of metadata to receive recommendations after watching a popular video

After the video goes viral, being suggested by YouTube is among the most effective methods to get views. An excellent way is to look through the metadata of popular content to determine the keywords employed.

First, you need to search for your primary competitor’s most popular videos -Remember, you’re talking about the most extensive channel in your field and not the most popular YouTube channel. Simply go into”Videos”, click the “Videos” tab, click “Sort by,” and select “Most Popular.”

Play the desired video, and click “Ctrl + Shift + I” (without quotes). The shortcut, which is available for the two browsers, Chrome and Firefox, opens the “Developer Tools” window. After that, press “Ctrl + F” to open the search box and enter “keywords.”

5. add subtitles to videos.

Subtitles make videos more accessible to the hearing impaired, which is an excellent reason to use the feature. However, this isn’t the only group benefiting from transcripts. According to research conducted by the American phone company Verizon, 69 percent of US viewers view videos with subtitles turned off and the audio off in public spaces. The study also showed that 25 percent of viewers use the same method in private rooms.

6. Create playlists that will keep the attention of viewers.

Making playlists is a highly efficient way to keep people to your page. This is because YouTube plays the entire content in a sequence and at a time. If the video that was watched attracted viewers’ attention, then it’s likely that the following video will too.

The most effective method to make playlists is to classify them according to themes. For instance, on the TechTudo channel, there are ” WhatsApp: tips and tutorials,” “Comparative,” and “Tests: cell phones and cameras,” as well as others. So, anyone who needs a new phone can check the review playlist before deciding on the best model for them to purchase.

7. Get people to view other videos with cards and screens at the end.

YouTube offers two additional essential tools to keep viewers on the channel. Cards are messages of a rectangular shape that are displayed in the upper right-hand part of your screen. They should be shown the message being spoken. If you refer to an introductory video on your channel as an example, you could present a note about the content to ensure that the user clicks on the button. If they are not interested, the square disappears within just a few seconds.\

8. Collaboration in conjunction with content creators

Working with other creators is an excellent method to boost YouTube views and gain followers. Special appearances are generally received with excitement by the viewers, and they end up being engaged more with this kind of video.

One suggestion is to work with similar content creators who have, in a way, similar channels to the dimensions as the one you have. This is a win-win-win since it improves the number of viewers for both media and is typically inexpensive or free. Another crucial aspect is that there is a real connection between the parties.

9. Allow embedding

The more sites that can show videos, the greater the views. Always enable embedding of playlists and videos on blogs and websites. Playing outside of YouTube is still counted towards your views, and you may still gain followers this way.

For embedding to be enabled, start YouTube Studio, go to YouTube Studio, and select the “Content” menu. Choose the video you are interested in and then click “Edit.” Select “Embedding” and choose “Enable.”

10. Upload the video to other social media sites

Utilize other social media platforms to advertise content posted on YouTube. Make sure to share your YouTube videos on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Kwai, and any other app you’re using. Make sure to do it with care. Like YouTube and Facebook, the algorithm of all platforms is designed to make sure that users spend the most time they can. That means posts containing external links to apps that compete won’t be able to deliver.

The best solution is to make a video teaser and post it on social networks. Since the content is native and not ad-hoc, the algorithm will allow promotions to be made without “penalties.” However, viewers of the video won’t be able to view the entire content and will be required to sign in to YouTube and view it there, where it is then monetized.


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