Holden Fletcher Fraser is the son of actor-producer Brendan Fraser of The Mummy and George of the Jungle fame. Now an 18-year-old, Fraser was born on 16 August 2004 and is the second child of Brendan and his now ex-wife Afton Smith.


His paternal grandparents, both Canadians, settled down in and acquired citizenship in the United States, making him a second-generation American of Canadian descent.

He has two other siblings – an older brother Griffin Arthur and a younger brother Leland Francis.

Though both his parents are actors, with his father having gained global recognition thanks to The Mummy, Holden and his brothers were brought up away from the limelight, and personal information about the three siblings is scarce on the interwebs.

As a result, the most intimate information we know about the Fraser kids is that they are pretty close to each other and that Holden’s older brother Griffin is autistic.

There has been no news about drama involving the children during his parents’ divorce or the subsequent relationship between the kids and either of the parents.


All that is known about Holden’s academic career is that he went to a local school where he grew up. He is already 18, but there is no information on his aspirations, choice of schools, or any information. Nor is there any about his school activities like sports, drama club, part-time jobs, or volunteering activities.


Holden is still a teenager in school. Apart from any possible part-time jobs – which we still do not have any information about – he does not seem to have any kind of employment in the film industry or otherwise.

It will not be surprising if he decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps into acting like other star kids. As of now, it is safe to assume he is not in any employment.

Social Influence

Unlike other star kids and aspiring influencers, Holden does not seem to have any public account on social networking sites. It is more likely that he might have private accounts and only close friends know them, like the thousands across the world who do the same for their privacy’s sake.

He also does not seem to have made an appearance at any of the many events in Los Angeles, nor has there been any news of him frolicking with fellow star kids and other celebrities on tropical beaches.

So far, Holden and his brothers have been keeping a low profile.


There have not been any controversies involving Holden Fletcher Fraser due to him being away from the limelight throughout his childhood.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Net Worth

Holden is 18 years old and still living with his parents. He does not earn enough or at all to calculate his net worth. Both his parents are millionaires, so it is safe to say that as one of their children, Holden is dependent on his millionaire parents and has no known individual income.

Future Plans

Holden’s relationships, career goals, academic interests, etc., are not well-known outside his circle. So, no information about his future plans is available.


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