You are walking down the street and find out that your car is not at the place you parked it. That being said, it’s essential to conclude out whether it was towed or stolen before you determine your coming way. 

You can determine it if you have the VIN number of your car with you. VIN decoder best practices allow you to get even the most recent details about the vehicle.

Towed or Stolen?

In general, there are three different options when your automobile is missing. Assuming you can rule out that it wasn’t borrowed by a family member, significant other, or friend that you have an automobile-sharing arrangement with, your motor vehicle has either been towed, stolen, or repossessed if you were behind on payments. 

The first thing you will require to do is look around the area where your automobile was last situated. Search for any “no parking” signs or other signs that could indicate that your vehicle was situated in a place it should not have been. Oftentimes, private companies will have signs posted that list the company name and number of the towing services they use. 

Nevertheless, give them a call, If there are signs listing a towing service. However, it’s possible they were stolen, If they do not have your vehicle. 

However, you may be dealing with a stolen automobile situation, If there are no signs indicating that you could have been towed for parking where you did. 

Vehicle Has Been Towed

What If the Vehicle Is Towed?

It’s an automobile owner’s worst agony. You come out of a store or café to the roadway or parking lot where you parked your automobile, but it’s gone. You wonder if perhaps it has been stolen. It’s easy to horrify when you don’t know what happens to your vehicle, but try to stay peaceful. Finding out whether your automobile has been towed is the first step. 

Check for Signs

However, they can’t legally tow your motor vehicle unless there are posted signs posting the parking regulations If you’re emplaced in a private parking lot. On the road, there should also be signs that detail when you can and can’t park there. However, it’s a good bet that your auto was tugged rather than stolen. If you see a sign that says you weren’t supposed to situate there. 

Gather Your Information 

In order to interrogate a hauled vehicle, you need to have some information about it. Make sure you know the time, make, and model of your auto, as well as the address of the position from where you suppose it might have been hauled. You may also be asked for the VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number) and your license plate number. 

Call Around

Give them a call to find out where your auto is being held; if you believe that your auto was hauled and there’s a sign indicating the towing service used. 

However, you can check with the property holder to find out if they called a towing service, and if they did, If you’re emplaced in a private property. 

Are you sure enough your auto was hauled, but you do not have any idea where it got hauled to? Also, you will want to call your original police department. They will be suitable to give you further information, including the address of the impound lot. 

Once you have located your vehicle, you will want to check into what documents you will need to get your auto back. You’ll most probably have to show a valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance information. 

It’s also generally needed that the vehicle proprietor is the one who picks it up, though a “sanctioned representative” might also be suitable to do so. 

You will also have to pay a figure to retrieve your automobile. In some venues, you might have to pay past-due parking tickets as well before you get your motor vehicle back. 

What If the Car is Stolen?

Though, you will want to call law enforcement right away, If you are sure enough that your motor vehicle was stolen and not towed or repossessed. They’ll want a bunch of information about the automobile, including 

  • The make, model, colour, and time of the vehicle 
  • License plate number 
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) 
  • Any distinct features 
  • Information about your chasing device or GPS if you have one 
  • The place and time that you last saw your vehicle 

Next, you will want to call your insurance company as soon as possible. Address your insurer to file an insurance claim right away, and you will want to give them any information they request as briskly as you can. 

The insurance company might also ask for a list of valuables you had in your automobile, as they frequently cover stolen personal belongings. They’ll also probably want a duplicate of the police report. 

Resentfully, less than half of the automobiles stolen in the US actually get recovered. Generally, insurance companies will hold on 30 days after you file a stolen vehicle before considering a theft a complete loss. It’s important to know that it’s possible that this insurance claim could raise your insurance rates in the future. 

How to Check If the Car is Stolen?

When a vehicle is stolen, it’s occasionally parted out at a chop shop, occasionally exported, occasionally abandoned, and occasionally resold. 

Nevertheless, most people would check the vehicle to make sure it’s in good working order and that they are getting a good deal If you are buying a used automobile. At the same time, it’s important to run a stolen auto-check so that you are not buying stolen goods. 

Running a VIN check gives you access to the history of the vehicle. Ask the dealer for the VIN number and also check the vehicle for its VIN number to ensure they match up. 

Now, search the VIN number of your car in the Toyota VIN decoder and get theft records and other details about the vehicle. 

Wrapping Up 

Not finding your car at its place gives a mini heart stroke. But as mentioned above, you can easily find out whether it is stolen or towed and take further action on the same. 


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