Gutters are used to prevent the damage of your home from water. If gutters need to be repaired, you can either hire a specialist or do it on your own. Doing it by yourself doesn`t require specific skills; just prepare the needed materials and follow instructions. The instructions might vary depending on whether your gutters are made from vinyl or metal.

When you prefer metal gutters, you shall install them by overlapping their edges. The gutter edges are fixed with rivets or screws.

Vinyl or plastic gutters are prefabricated to snap together. However, it is not sufficient to guarantee a waterproof connection. That’s why it is recommended to use plastic cement or a special sealant. In both cases, just follow the instructions on how to seam gutters together.

Usually, gutters are made in the length of 10 feet. Thus, to cover bigger areas, you need to connect them. Another option is to order a custom length gutter. However, it costs significantly more, and, usually, you don’t need to do it because there is nothing complicated in the installation and joining of the sections of gutters. If you are looking for gutter guards,  do check Aussie DIY Solutions.

If you are a beginner, you might want to opt for metallic gutters. They are easier to install because they are assembled and joined on the ground. Only after that, they are fixed on the roof edge.

Vinyl gutters don’t require screwing or riveting. They are made to be snapped on the joining sections. However, the assembly procedures are performed on the ladder. Thus, for a beginner, it might be difficult. In most cases, you will need somebody’s assistance to install vinyl gutters on the roof. For Best advice or any kind of installation information regarding gutter guards, please checkout Experteasy’s Guide

Start with preparing your materials. For gutters connection, you will need:

  • Rivets
  • Saw
  • Snips
  • Special screws for sheet metal
  • Drill
  • Special sealant caulk

Now, you can move on with the actual work.

How to Fix Gutters Made from Metal

 Fix Gutters Made from Metal

Start with measuring wall edges to see what the length of the gutters you require is. Add 1/2 inches from each side. To each piece of your gutter, add 3-4 inches more to allow overlaps. This way, you will be able to join the pieces effortlessly.

Once measurements are taken, follow the instructions:

  • Cut the pieces of gutters. You have prepared a saw or tin snips to do it.
  • Try to make all the edges as smooth as possible.
  • Connect the gutters. Make sections overlap for 3-4 inches. It will make the joint more resistant. Make sure you place the nicest cut on the top. The top joint shall be placed in the water flow direction.
  • Seal the overlaps with sealant.
  • Those sections that overlap shall be now connected with screws for sheet metal. Make sure they are not placed on the gutter bottom. If you place them on the gutter bottom, it might cause leaks.
  • Now, you can attach the gutter to the roof edge. Ensure a slope to direct the water flow where you need.

How to Fix Gutters Made from Vinyl

Take measurements in the same way as you would do for aluminum gutters, but in the case of vinyl gutters, you don`t need to add 3-4 inches for overlap.

  • Install the gutters on the fascia. Put the ends that will be joined against each other.
  • Join the ends without any overlap.
  • Clean the edges. Use alcohol for it.
  • Apply a generous amount of plastic cement inside of the joints and on the edges.
  • Finally, snap the joining sections into their places.


Installing and joining gutters is a relatively easy task if you have some skills. However, the process will be much faster and effortless if you hire a specialist to do it or at least ask somebody to assist you.

Now, when you have the needed tools and materials, it is sufficient to follow our instructions to assemble and install new gutters.


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