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How Can We Help Our Pet with Sleep Better?

Almost everyone who has raised a puppy has dealt with this issue. Puppies sleep a lot during the day, but when it is time for you to hit the hay, your little friend is wide awake and ready to play.

If we talk about older dogs, this problem is much less common. But most people complain about it occasionally. Suffering from a myriad of sleep disorders can also be the main reason that your dog does not get better sleep. And apart from this, there are several dog sleep disorders, such as:

  • Insomnia: Related to kidney infection or physical discomforts.
  • Narcolepsy: Caused by genetic disorders, primarily affects young dogs.
  • Sleep Apnea: Common in flat-faced breed dogs (such as pugs, bulldogs) caused by abnormal respiratory anatomy.

So what are some things you can do to make sure that your puppy or senior dog sleeps through the night?

Let’s Check Out Some Easy and Effective Ways to Help Your Pet with Better Sleep

Your Pet with Better Sleep

  • Dog Pet

When it comes to dog beds, most of us ignore this concept. Why? Your furry angel also deserves to have a place to spend its own time, “Doggy time.” And this is the reason your pet disturbed sleep. To avoid this, buy bite proof dog bed for your furry friend. It provides your pup with a space that’s not only comfortable but also supportive and soft. It helps to keep them toasty warm during long chilly nights. Plus, it helps your dog to sleep better throughout the night.

  • Make Sure Furry Friend is Tired

Every dog needs to be taken for a walk in the early evening. But, it is quite different based on their breed type. But, if you won’t help your dog with better sleep, then your puppy needs to be tired. It is because after using up their energy during the walk, your dog will likely tire and sleep early. Plus, they will sleep peacefully or comfortably throughout the night and wake up with complete activeness.

  • Be Consistent

Dr. Gary Richter, USA’s Veterinarian specialist, says, “Consistency is a key to help any animal learn behaviour.”

Well, it confirmed. If your pooch woke up in the middle of the night, then it becomes a pattern. So, try to maintain a schedule for them from an evening walk to two hours of regular exercise, brushes, and sleep. In this way, you promote their better sleep and allow them to stay healthy, active, and attentive.

  • Don’t Forget About Their Sleepy Environment

Dogs are very observant, and a little noise can affect their sleep quality. Sound levels ranging from 85-100 dB are expected in dog kennels. But exposure to these high levels not only disturbs their sleep but also damages their hearing capacity. So, it is necessary to choose a quiet area of the house for your big dog beds. If possible, then it’s perfect and comfortable to provide them with their room.

  • Don’t Compromise with Cleaning

Another most important consideration that most of you forget is the attention of cleanliness. If you like to eat, sit or sleep in a clean place, don’t you think that furry friends want the same? Dogs often pick up and carry other allergens such as grass and pollen that are dangerous for your dog as well as your health. Here are few things that you should follow to keep your pet area clean:

  • Groom your pooch regularly
  • Use an automatic vacuum to clean your furry friend bed or the surrounding area
  • Wipe your dog’s paw
  • Clean with a lint roller
  • Keep removing the stain

All these things help the dog to love its environment and feel more comfortable. Plus, it automatically enhances sleep quality as well as promotes healthy hygiene.

  • Check Illness

Last but not least. As mentioned earlier, if your dog is suffering from a sleep disorder, this is also a significant reason for his disturbed sleep. So, check their Illnesses, allergies, and fleas, or if you experience behaviour or attitude changes in your dog, then you should call the vet immediately.

Like humans, dogs are also susceptible. They also require a healthy and hygienic environment. So, give your dog a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean, and quiet place to rest undisturbed.

Last modified: April 13, 2021