How Can Board Shutters Keep You out of Trouble

Most times, you feel you are banging your head against the wall when it comes to opening your house to home décor. After tremendous soul-searching, you decide that Yes! It is the windows that need improvement. Worry not!

There is still time to get the job done before Christmas sets in.

Are you looking for a relaxed and rustic experience? I have been there too. At Decorative Shutters, expect bold dimensions, a state of the art traditional flare, and a colorful character.


Ideally, a board and batten shutter entails two main components. Fitted vertically are the boards that are usually tight against each other for privacy. Fitted horizontally are the battens that hold the boards in place.

Shutters Customized for You

Decorative Designs specializes in providing you an opportunity for designing exterior shutters that are uniquely your own. Whether you are envisioning a masterly panel or a brisk Bermuda, these are the baby steps of your shutter design journey. Joined batten board shutters come in a range of configurations.

They may include:

  • Color; custom
  • Styles; decorative
  • With; custom
  • Material; amalgamated, vinyl or aluminum.
  • Height; custom
  • Making them your own

Choosing the Right Exterior Shutters

Considering the different rates of pros and cons associated with each type, pricing also matters. I can tell you for free that exterior shutters have the power to make or break the general appeal of a house. Below are the main four:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Composite Wood
  • PVC


Ancient and good looking. Shutters made of wood vary in price depending on the type of wood used. Avoid cheaper woods like pine or poplar as they are prone to rot. Instead, look for Western Red Cedar or Cypress. Add some cap to prevent splitting.

Engaging professionals from Decorative Shutters will ensure proper sealing to control rotting. Repainting in a few years is inevitable as well.


As compared to wood and composite, this is utterly the cheapest option. Yet it will also look like that. Summer heat overwhelms the exterior shutters with time hence fading. We advise you to mount them through the wall as opposed to hinges. It has limited options and also hard to comfortably repaint.

Composite Wood

A good substitute for wood. News flash! Even though it feels like wood, there are no issues that come with the use of wood. Rot, swells, twists, and if it’s the real deal, pests become a thing of the past. There are vast products of the composite though not all are designed for exterior use.

They are long-lasting, and for some reason, it is safe to say it is environment friendly. It is easy to design and on that, we can create unique designs for you. Similar to wood, painting in a few years is prudent.


Cuts deep in the budget, so ensure to compare prices. There is no doubt about it as it lasts almost forever. Moisture is powerless over this stuff.

However, high temperatures play tricks on it (bending, cupping, and warping), additional strengthening is apt. It can be mounted or support on hinges.

Why Choose Board Shutters?

The use of board shutters has been a trend over the years for most ideal homes. These covers have made it possible to enhance security and the aspect of privacy. Also, not to overlook the unique accent, style, and design.

The most common reasons include:

  • A complimentary look and texture of your home
  • They come with ample color and design options
  • Guaranteed overall strength and durability

Benefits of Exterior Board Shutters

Windows are a significant part of your home’s both interior and exterior appearance. Whether it’s a clumsy or a handy treatment, your window can define the aesthetics of your house. Joined batten board shutters have exceedingly managed to give homes a suitable architectural outlook.

In this regard, we see how these shutters have managed to keep trouble away for homeowners.

1.     Appeal

Every homeowner craves a high curb appeal of their property that is not always a walk in the park. Most of the decorative options available in the market are pricy, yet with batten board exterior shutters, it’s achievable.

These unique designs have been around for the longest time. You should therefore consider adding shutters on the exterior to give your home a touch of style.


2.     Privacy

Exterior shutters play a vital role in the privacy matters of your home. For instance, if your house is facing a street or public space, they play a role in keeping prying eyes away.

You can swing window shutters at an angle to let in light and at the same time uphold privacy. It makes it a lucrative addition to your home.

3.     Natural Air Supply

During the summer, you often need an unlimited flow of breeze in your premises. In case you open your windows, it may compromise your privacy. Board shutters come in handy to solve this issue.

Opening shutters at an angle to let in cool air during the summer is common. During winter, they trap warm air in, keeping the cold out. Essentially, they also serve as a ventilation system.

4.     Energy Efficiency

To fight the globe peril, most people tend to lean on eco-friendlier space. Most homeowners acquire the latest technology to ensure comfort. However, you can cut unnecessary costs by simply fitting shutters to your windows.

You don’t have to power up air conditioners during hot days as shutters allow plenty of cool breeze in your home.

5.     Weather Protection

If you are living in areas with unpredictable weather patterns, you understand the risk that comes with an open window. During storms, detritus come uninvited bringing wreckage and accidents.

Worse, you have to incur the window repairs costs every time that happens. In this case, putting house shutters will come in handy by protecting your property and loved ones from such havoc.

In summary, shutters play significant roles in homes. It is the reason they rank highly in most home improvement projects. You will not only boost your curb appeal but also improve privacy, protection from harsh weather, and refined energy efficiencies.

Basically, you also add value to your property with these simple fittings, a bucket list for every homeowner.