Indeed, box customization can be the spur for your branding and marketing aids. But it could also be your Achilles heel if done inappropriately.

For example, you can’t preach sustainability when your package materials are dangerous to the environment. Instead, your values and packaging ought to align.

Yes, those are minor details. But your audience counts them. In other words, those bits are crucial to your overall success as a company and a brand.

So, how can you ensure that you get it right? How can you make your custom packaging a Trojan horse rather than an Achilles heel?

We have the hacks you should follow. Have a look!

3 Easy Steps To Get The Just Fit Box Customization

Getting It Right With Your Box Customization

Find A trusted Expert

Let’s face it: custom box production is not your game. Yes, you can tell a beautiful design from a bland one. Even at that, you are no expert.

Mind you: custom boxes go beyond beauty. They have functional purposes that protect your products and promote your brand.

For a start, producing a custom box requires an engineering background. Also, you need knowledge of what materials to use for different packaging.

Do you know that? Unlikely!

Unlike you, experts like Branding Design Agency London, know these details. That is why you should consult an experienced designer, like Packwire, to help you with your packaging.


Once you settle on which expert to use, the next step is discussing your needs. Why?

Custom packages are into different categories. So, get a sit-down talk with your expert and decide which best meets your product needs.

Here are some of the popular custom boxes:

  • Folding boxes,
  • Mailer boxes,
  • Rigid boxes, and
  • Shipping boxes.

Besides your needs, this part is also where you discuss your budget. Can you afford the choices you want? If not, what alternatives are equally as good?

Once you and the experts find answers to those questions, you can proceed to the next step.

Design, Production & Shipping

Now you have a plan that fits your budget and values. The next step is bringing life to your imaginations.

Do you remember that custom boxes need an engineering background? How can you design with no such basis?

Don’t fret. You won’t be alone when designing your custom packaging. Instead, an expert will guide you through the processes.

In the end, you will have a rough draft. The experts would then fine-tune such until the designs are reproducible. And you can finalize and proceed if you love them.

Another thing you could do is select from a range of top-selling custom packaging. Then, you’d add your spice.

Whichever of the options you pick, your experts will produce the quantity stated and ship them to you. Fast and easy!

Bottom line

All the three steps highlighted in this article hinges on the experts. The reason for that is because they are the chief driver of custom packaging.

As such, it is crucial that you select one that is dependable and experienced. You could even ask for samples whenever you’re in doubt.

If you’d like to skip all the process of sorting and interviewing, reach out to Packwire. They meet the requirements.


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