Myths Associated With Entrepreneurship

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Eric Dalius Lists the Myths Associated With Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are regarded highly in the business world. They are generally thought to be smart, high-flying, dedicated, and passionate people. But one has to think! Are these true? Eric J Dalius says that people definitely harbor some myths about entrepreneurs. Here are the most common ones:

Myth: Entrepreneurs Are High Achieving and Smart People

Truth: The truth is that a majority of the entrepreneurs weren’t the valedictorian or class president. Such people also weren’t the top of the class in every subject. What entrepreneurs are good at is focusing on just one area where they can find out the maximum potential.

Myth: Entrepreneurs Are Not Made But Born-EJ Dalius Says This Is Blatantly Incorrect

Truth: Entrepreneurs don’t really come from those parents who were entrepreneurs as well. The skills needed to be an entrepreneur are taught, and so they can be easily acquired. Anyone can aspire to be an entrepreneur. With the right set of skills and perspective, they will have a chance to make it.

Myth: Entrepreneurs Work Alone

Truth: Eric Dalius says that working in teams will give businesses more of a shot at success. After all, one single individual won’t be able to get everything done. Know that successful entrepreneurs in this world will find the right people with the relevant skills to be a part of their team. It must be kept in mind that entrepreneurship is a team effort. There will be failures and disagreements, but having a trustworthy and positive team with people having similar goals will go a long way in making a business a success.

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Myth: Entrepreneurs Are Charismatic

Truth: Charisma has zero correlation to being an entrepreneur or to success. Entrepreneurs and especially the successful ones are competent and confident that makes them appear charming. These people bring change through leadership. They have a vision, the dedication, and the team needed to make it happen.

Myth: Entrepreneurs Thrive On Risks

Truth: There is a common idea that entrepreneurs love to take risks and thrive on the adrenaline rush. However, this isn’t true, and it also isn’t a sustainable way of doing business. For one, most successful entrepreneurs don’t work alone. They work with a team, and they have employees to pay as well. When any decision is taken, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. Entrepreneurs are not gamblers. They don’t want to gamble away the business they have worked so hard for, but they also want their business to grow, and for that, they take calculated risks. Such risks are areas where they have an advantage.


Entrepreneurs are not perfect or mischievous gambling gods. They are real people who put in a lot of hard work towards achieving their goals. They aren’t born but made out of dedication, discipline, and passion. Entrepreneurs also learn the skills necessary to be successful in their industry. As such, anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right perspective and vision.