Music is one of the most important parts of culture. It is a part of our emotions, memories and experiences. In Singapore, music can be found in many different places and channels. With so much variety in Singapore, it is important to understand what type of music you’ll find in which areas.

This guide talks about the various types of ambient music that are popular in Singapore and gives you some recommendations for where to listen to them.

What makes ambient music?

Ambient music is a genre of music that creates a mood and atmosphere. It is often used to create the right ambiance to help people focus or relax. Some of the most popular ambient artists are Brian Eno, Bjork, and Stars of the Lid.

Some examples of ambient music in Singapore include:
– Beach music
– Classical piano music
– Dragonfly dreaming
– Mellow rock
– Moody jazz

The 5 types of ambient music found in Singapore

Ambient or background music is a type of music that helps to set the mood, tone and emotions of a certain setting. ambient music in Singapore can be found in many different places and channels. Here are five types of ambient music you can listen to in Singapore.

The 5 types of ambient music found in Singapore

1) Electronica

Electronic music is characterized by a strong bassbeat and electronic sound effects. It is often used as background or “ambient” music in nightclubs, on radio stations, or in other settings.

2) Dubstep

Dubstep has been described as an “electronic dance style”, combining elements of drum and bass with those of hip-hop, electro house and trap. Dubstep is usually at 140-170 bpm (beats per minute), with tempos ranging from 100 bpm to 180 bpm for songs with regular beats.

3) Downtempo

Down Tempos are slower tempos around 60 bpm (beats per minute). They tend to be less intense than most other types of ambient music and can take on characteristics like smooth jazz or bluegrass, making them suitable for relaxing listening.

Most popular places to listen to these kinds of songs

If you’re looking to listen to ambient music, these are the places where you’ll find it.

  1. Shopping malls

Shopping malls such as Serangoon Gardens, Plaza Singapura and Ion Orchard usually have electronic ambient music playing in the background.

  1. Parks

Some parks have live acoustic or electronic ambient music playing in public areas during the weekends. Check out the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands for a few examples.

  1. Cafes

Cafes like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Starbucks often play this type of music for their patrons on weekends or evenings.

  1. Clubs

A lot of clubs like The Groove Room and Marrow will have this kind of music being played at some point during their sessions, whether that’s in a lounge area or live on stage.


Ambient music is a genre of music that uses a soft, droning, or subtle soundscape that generally includes only a few instruments. It’s a more relaxing and calming type of music that is often used in healing environments like hospitals, zoos, and libraries.

To get the most out of this genre, visit places with high levels of ambient music and make sure to listen to some of the recommendations.


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