These classes can help your child learn to confidently and effectively communicate with others. Public speaking classes for kids in Singapore (you may visit can also help your child develop public speaking skills that will benefit their personal and professional lives. When it comes to finding the right public speaking class for your child, it is important to consider the following:

1.The Instructor

-The instructor’s experience, expertise, and credentials can help assure your child is learning what they need to know in the right way. Plus, it also helps make public speaking fun for kids.

-The Instructor’s Experience:

The instructor should have plenty of experience in teaching public speaking to kids. They should know how to engage students and keep them interested in the topic.

-The Instructor’s Expertise:

In addition to being experienced in teaching public speaking, the instructor should also be an expert in the topic itself. This will ensure that your child learns the information they need to know to be successful in class.

-The Instructor’s Credentials:

An instructor with credentials in public speaking, education or child development can assure a practical course of study for your kid. A teacher with a degree in one of these areas will have received advanced training in how children learn and how to teach them effectively.

2.The Course Curriculum

-It is important that the curriculum for the public speaking class is well-rounded and covers all the necessary topics.

-The Course Content:

The course content should be designed to help your child learn the basics of public speaking classes for kids in Singapore. This includes learning how to develop and deliver presentations, engage an audience, and deal with nerves.

-The Course Length:

Some classes may only last a few weeks while others may run for several months. Be sure to choose one that is the right length for your child.

3. The Class Size

-The smaller the class size, the more personal attention your child will receive from the instructor.

-Class Size:

A small class size typically means around ten students or less. This provides each student with enough individualized attention from the instructor.

The Class Size

-Big Class Size:

When a course has a very large class size, students will spend much of their time waiting to get help from the instructor or to present their work. In addition, because there are so many other students, it may be harder for your child to become engaged in what they are learning.

4. The Cost of the Class

Public speaking classes for kids in Singapore can be expensive, but many affordable options are available.


Be prepared to pay a decent price for a quality public speaking class. However, there are many affordable options available if you do your research.

-Scholarships and Discounts:

In addition to affordable prices, many classes offer scholarships and discounts. Ask the instructor or the school about any available scholarships or discounts.

5. The Location of the Class

The class location should be convenient for both you and your child.


The class should be located in an easy place for you to access. In addition, your child should feel comfortable going there daily.


Choose a class with a schedule that works well with your child’s school and other activities. This may be an early morning or afternoon class or one that is held after school.

Bottom line:

It is important to consider several different factors when choosing a public speaking class for your child. These include the instructor’s experience, expertise and credentials, and the course content, length, and cost.

In addition, because public speaking classes for kids in Singapore may have strict attendance requirements, you should also consider the location and schedule of the class before making a final decision.

By choosing the right public speaking class, your child can develop the necessary skills to succeed in any situation where they need to speak in front of a group.


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