Himalayan salt lamps are the decorative crystal salt lightings you should buy for your home; they emit a warm and reddish-pink glow. These unique illuminating salt lamps do a lot more than just lighting up a place.

Himalayan salt lamps look so charming and appealing that they have become an iconic home décor item these days. But not many people know about their benefits, importance, and how they modernize the look of the home.

Himalayan salt lamps work as a light source and also serve as beautiful decorating items for both interior and exterior. These lamps can effortlessly illuminate your home and significantly enhance the décor.

What are the Himalayan salt lamps?                                                                       

These are hollow chunks of pure and nsatural Himalayan rock salt with bulbs fitted inside the cavity. When lit, exude a heavenly glow that can create a soothing environment. It is said that these glowing pieces of Himalayan salt can improve sleep, boost mood, ease allergies, assist people with asthma to breathe better, and disinfect the air.

All these characteristics make these lamps a must-have at your place. You can visit Ittefaq salt: a Himalayan salt supplier, to know more about these lamps.

Tips to decorate your home with Himalayan salt lamps:

Here’s a list of some amazing ideas to decorate your home with these extraordinary decoration pieces; the pink Himalayan rock salt lamps. The easy and simple tip is to place it where you spend most of the time to witness its alluring beauty with your own eyes. Alternatively, you can put it in every room to ensure you enjoy the benefits of this unique lamp.

For cozying up the bedroom:

For cozying up the bedroom

Your bedroom should be restful and cozy, Himalayan salt lamps bestow a charming look and relaxing atmosphere to your bedside with their glow. These lamp creates a soothing reflection of light that is dim enough to reflect a Zen-like atmosphere, and help you accomplish your desired decor while delicately illuminating the entire space. If you’re having a partner, you may want to get an identical lamp to replicate the look on both nightstands.

In the Living room:

Let your Himalayan salt lamp upgrade the space where you and your loved ones are most likely to gather. The living room should be lively and pleasant and for that, you need a natural and glowing decoration piece.

A Himalayan salt lamp will not only add warmth and coziness to your place but also cleanse it through hygroscopy. It has the ability to capture water molecules from the air along with pollutants and clean it by releasing clean water vapors back into the air.

The salt lamp will release the same warmth of candles but works rigidly to improve the energy and air quality in your living room. Appraise placing your lamp near enormous electronic appliances, as this will help protect the negative ions released and will enhance the overall look of the center décor.

On your working desk:

Renovate your workspace with the beauty of the Himalayan salt lamp, place it next to your laptop in your study room. This lamp will enhance the beauty of your space. The fresh air and calm vibes may also create a healthier work environment by reducing stress levels and intensifying your ability to focus on the task at hand. You can also use a USB salt lamp to attach it to the laptop.

Near the kitchen:

Place a Himalayan salt lamp in the kitchen or somewhere close, to neutralize the ions released by electrical appliances such as refrigerator, toaster, and microwave. You can place it as the centerpiece on the kitchen table or place it above the cabinet; it will enhance the decor either way.

Near the Hallways:

Himalayan salt lamps provide an attractive and subtle glow that spreads a little light to guide the way after dark. Place these lamps in the hallways and glow your place.

Glow up your bathroom:

Another great idea is to place the Himalayan salt lamps in the corner of your bathroom; salt lamps offer the exact spa-like vibe while being at home. Inhaling salty air particles help to improve the symptoms of asthma, sinus congestion, and various allergies. Next while taking bath with Himalayan salt bath salt, do not forget to light up a salt lamp to enjoy a spa-like atmosphere.

In your children’s room:

For your kids’ room, you must go for a Himalayan salt lamp for decorative purposes as they are best to regulate their sleep cycle, enhance the colorful décor of the room, and work as a dim light at night. The soft glow of these beautiful lamps can be quite soothing for your kids ‘eyes.

So, without wasting any time just go and grab your salt lamps and grace your place with their eye-catching shine and beauty.


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