Ruin Your Hair Extensions


Beware! These Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions add personality to your look. They can add elegance and charm to any hair style. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, human hair extensions are soft, look natural, and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. These wefts generally cost a bit more because of the many benefits they offer, making them worth the investment.

Depending on the brand and quality, human hair extensions can last three to six months and even longer. For example, with proper care, Zala hair extensions can last more than a year.

But hair extensions require care and attention, just like your own hair. No matter how good your wefts’ quality, certain habits and environmental factors can damage them, affect their look, and reduce their lifespan.

Let’s have a look at the everyday bad habits that could ruin your hair extensions.

1. Excessive Use of Hot Tools

Excessive use of hot tools like rollers and dryers is sure to damage your wefts. Using these tools at high temperatures can make your extensions frizzy and brittle. And when it comes to tape extensions, hot tools can bind your own hair to the adhesive on the tape. When this happens, it can damage and pull out your natural hair.

Excessive Use of Hot Tools

2. Poor Handling

Remy human hair extensions are typically smooth and silky. But they too can form tangles, become brittle, and even lose glow if handled poorly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go to your stylist every now and then to maintain your extensions.

Also, you must handle the wefts with care. Always use brushes exclusively made for extensions, such as loop brushes, to comb them out. Alternatively, you could use a wide-tooth comb. Using regular hairbrushes and combs can pull hair out from your extensions. Moreover, make sure to use rubber bands and bobby pins sparingly, because these can also damage your extensions.

3. Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Pollutants in the air can harm hair extensions of all types, including tape-in and clip hair extensions. For example, smoke and smog create a layer on the wefts’ surface, resulting in gradual damage. On top of that, air pollution can make the extensions rigid, dry, and grimy. As such, it is a good idea to cover your wefts with a piece of silky cloth in areas with more air pollution.

4. Using Too Many Products

Treating your hair with too many products does more harm than good. Some products can be beneficial if you know how to use them. Most stylists recommend using only dry shampoo and heat protectant on straight and silky human extensions. Also, make sure to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals like alcohol. Be sure to look for phosphate- and sulfate-free products as well.

5. Excessive Washing or No Washing at All

Most stylists advise against over-washing your wefts, and they say this for good reason. Excessive washing can damage your extensions because it removes the moisture, leaving the hair dry. The useful rule of thumb is to wash your extensions once every two or three weeks.

Also, not washing the wefts for a more extended period can cause tangles and stickiness. It can also make them lifeless and odorous. So, make sure to use your best judgment to determine when your extensions need a wash.

6. High Levels of Moisture

Many women store their extensions without drying them after giving them a wash. The presence of moisture increases the risk of mold growth, which can damage hair extensions. For this reason, it makes sense to always dry out your wefts, especially the inner parts, after washing them. Ideally, you should allow them to air dry completely instead of using heat tools.

7. Cutting Hair Extensions

Cutting is an essential part of styling and maintaining your hair extensions. When done by a stylist, it can also improve the extensions’ overall look. But frequent trimming and cutting can damage the wefts.

When you do decide to trim your hair extensions, make sure to keep them hydrated. It is a good idea to apply essential oils to the wefts to protect the hair from damage. Also, we recommend you go to your stylist for professional trimming and cutting.

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions add length, volume, and thickness to your hair, allowing you to try many different hairstyles. But if you want to enjoy these benefits long-term, you must give your wefts the care they deserve. The tips provided in this post will keep your extensions in tip-top condition, enhance their look, and prolong their life.